Relax, focus, sleep better, and feel better. Worn on the wrist or ankle, the Apollo Neuro wearable strengthens and rebalances the nervous system after stress.

It’s like a wearable hug for your nervous system that helps you be a calmer, more mindful version of yourself. 

Worn on the wrist or ankle, Apollo works by engaging with your sense of touch, delivering silent, soothing vibrations that help you feel safe and in control. Apollo’s scientifically validated technology trains your nervous system to bounce back from stress more quickly, going from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. 

Apollo is a wearable wellness device that improves our resilience to stress through novel touch therapy, working in tandem with a mobile app. When we are physically or mentally tired or feeling stressed out, activity in the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) branch of our nervous system is diminished, while the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) branch of our nervous system is activated. That stress response leaves us feeling distracted, overwhelmed, making it difficult to sleep.

Most users choose to wear their Apollo on their ankle or wrist. Select your goal-based mode in the app, such as Sleep and Renew or Clear and Focused, and Apollo will deliver gentle vibrations that activate our parasympathetic nervous response and restore balance to the nervous system by signaling safety to the brain through our sense of touch. The Apollo wearable uses haptics by Lofelt to deliver Apollo’s smooth and gentle vibrations.

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Yes. Apollo modes deliver gentle vibration. Studies of numerous forms of vibration demonstrate no significant negative reactions from routine use.

Find out more about the science behind Apollo and summary of all current and ongoing research trials on the Apollo technology.

Several academic institutions, including the University of Pittsburgh, have conducted independent clinical research and trials of the Apollo technology. We will share these peer-reviewed publications as they release them. Reach out to research@apolloneuro.com to receive updates on research results, science, and publications.

Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, Apollo vibration patterns are designed to facilitate natural states of calm, clarity, focus, and relaxation. Unlike typical electronic devices that vibrate like a cell phone or massager, Apollo vibration programs feel natural to the body. They are experienced as gentle waves of vibration on the skin that come and go.

Users report feeling a gentle soothing sensation for calming programs and a more energetic sensation when using wakeful and focus programs.

To get started, we recommend using Apollo for a minimum of 2 hours a day for 30 days. That’s 3,600 minutes if you’re tracking in the app. You can definitely use it more if you like. Explore the different modes that work best for you. Everyone’s a little different – feel free to experiment!

Remember – consistency is key. The more consistently you use Apollo, the better the results. Here’s why: when used consistently, Apollo helps to retrain your nervous system so you can manage stress more effectively on your own. Over time, you’ll sleep better, have more energy, feel more balanced, and increase your focus. Though many notice Apollo’s effects soon after starting a mode, it can take up to 30 days of regular use to realize consistent changes in how you feel.

If you track your biometrics, you may notice that your resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability (HRV), sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep), and overall sleep quality reliably improve with consistent Apollo use.

Please note – Apollo doesn’t track your biometrics, it actively improves them with its stress relief technology.

No, it’s actually the opposite. Apollo works by activating the same neural pathways as breathing, meditation, and soothing touch. The more you use Apollo in your day to day life, the more sensitive your body gets to the effects of Apollo vibrations. This form of learning is called “sensitization” and is the opposite of “dependence”.

In this way, Apollo becomes another tool in the toolbox to help you when you need it by helping to retrain our nervous systems to be more balanced and resilient in the face of stress over time. Just like intentional breathing practices and meditation, the more the use Apollo, the better the benefits get.

The Apollo system was designed with EMF concerns in mind. Apollo has an Airplane Mode that you can select to disable the Apollo’s internal antenna.

When Airplane Mode is off and the app is actively in use, Apollo emits very low levels of EMF from the Bluetooth connection between the device and app. Once you select an Apollo program and close the app, Bluetooth communication stops until you open the app again. Apollo waves are sound waves (like music that you can feel and not hear). They are safe for kids, adults, and the elderly.

Learn how to put Apollo in airplane mode