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The Apollo wearable rebalances and strengthens your nervous system to become more resilient to stress. Regular usage of the Apollo wearable can help you hit your health goals and tap into a healthier, happier version of you. Calm down from a highly stressed state, sleep more deeply, channel meaningful focus, be present when it matters most, improve your meditation practice, and get a dose of extra energy when you need it.

Your Apollo wearable sends silent, soothing soundwaves that tell your body that you’re safe and in control. Your body relaxes, and you’re able to focus, sleep, and make decisions based on logic rather than fear.

You can use the Apollo wearable any time of day or night, discreetly and comfortably. Use the Scheduling feature in the Apollo Neuro app to select specific Vibes to play automatically throughout the day for an even more seamless experience.

In order to maximize benefits from the Apollo wearable, including improving sleep, focus, energy, and stress-relief, use Apollo at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, during the day and night. Unlike many other stress relief or meditation wearables, you can comfortably and effectively use the Apollo wearable throughout the day and night while you sleep. Remember, using Apollo consistently is key to feeling better.

The Apollo wearable improves your resilience to stress through novel touch therapy, felt as soothing vibrations, using the Apollo Neuro mobile app to control Apollo Vibes, duration, intensity, and more. When we are feeling stressed, the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) branch of our nervous system is activated. That stress response leaves us feeling tired, distracted, overwhelmed, and makes it difficult to sleep. Apollo works by signaling safety to the body through your sense of touch, restoring balance to the nervous system.

To use the Apollo wearable, wear the device as a band on your ankle or wrist, or wherever you like by clipping it to your clothing. Select your Vibe in the app, such as Fall Asleep, Social, or Focus, and Apollo will deliver gentle vibrations that help you achieve your goal and transition through your day in a calmer, more balanced state.

To get started, we recommend using the Apollo wearable for a minimum of 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, during the day and night. You can certainly use it more if you like - the more you use it, the better it works. Explore the different Vibes that work best for you. Everyone’s a little different – feel free to experiment!

Remember – consistency is key. Here’s why: when used consistently, it helps to retrain your nervous system so you can manage stress more effectively on your own. Over time, you’ll sleep better, have more energy, feel more balanced, and increase your focus.

Though many notice the effects soon after starting a mode, it can take up to 30 days of regular use to realize consistent changes in how you feel.

Rather than tracking your biometrics, the Apollo wearable actively improves your health. As it strengthens and rebalances your autonomic nervous system, your heart rate variability (HRV) improves – which means you’re building your resilience to stress. Over time, your body learns to recover from stress more quickly, so you can relax, sleep better, and find deep, meaningful focus.

Many users choose to track their biometrics using other devices and report significant improvements in HRV, sleep scores, resting heart rate, and more after consistent usage. Apollo Neuro integrates with Apple Health and Oura Ring in the settings of your profile in the Apollo Neuro app.

Yes, iOS users can link their Apollo Neuro accounts to Apple Health in the Apollo Neuro app. By using this Apple Health integration, you’ll be able to track your Apollo wearable usage as Mindful Minutes to optimize your experience.

The Apollo wearable is safe and non-invasive, and has no significant side effects or negative reactions from routine use in adults and children alike. It can be used as a complement to enhance the effects of many other stress relief practices, therapeutics, and medications without harmful interactions.

Your Apollo device contains magnets. Keep it away from credit cards and devices that may be affected by magnets. Keep your Apollo device more than 6in/15cm away from medical devices. If you suspect interference with a medical device, stop using your Apollo device and consult your medical provider.

The Apollo system was designed with EMF concerns in mind. The device has an Airplane Mode that you can select to disable the wearable's internal antenna. When Airplane Mode is off and the app is actively in use, the Apollo wearable emits very low levels of EMF from the Bluetooth connection between the device and app. Once you select an Apollo program and close the app, Bluetooth communication stops until you open the app again. The Apollo wearable waves are sound waves (like music that you can feel and not hear). They are safe for kids, adults, and the elderly. Learn how to put the Apollo wearable in airplane mode.

Vibes are like silent soundtracks composed for your body that influence the way you feel. They are experienced as gentle waves of vibration on the skin that come and go, and patterns differ in rhythm, depending on the goal-based mode. You’ll feel a gentle soothing sensation for calming and sleep programs and a more energetic sensation for social and focus programs.

Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, Apollo Vibes use vibration patterns that are designed to facilitate natural states of calm, clarity, focus, and relaxation. Unlike typical electronic devices that vibrate like a cell phone or massager, the Apollo wearable vibrations are nuanced programs that feel subtle and natural to the body.

Adjust the Vibe intensity based on the environment — just like how you listen to music at a lower volume when you’re alone in a quiet place versus on a plane with an engine roaring. The goal is to just barely notice the vibrations so that they fade into the background.

Yes. Through the Scheduling feature, you can create a customized schedule that automatically plays throughout the day.

We recommend size Medium Bands to fit most adult and teen wrists and ankles. Since many people prefer to wear Apollo on the ankle while they sleep, order a size that can fit your ankle as well as your wrist. Size Small is best for children under 12 and very small adult wrists. Size Large is best for very large adult ankles and upper arms. We offer additional Bands for purchase if you would like multiple sizes.

Find out more about the science behind the Apollo wearable and summary of all current and ongoing research trials on the Apollo Neuro technology. Several academic institutions, including the University of Pittsburgh, have conducted independent clinical research and trials of the Apollo Neuro technology. We will share these peer-reviewed publications as they release them. Reach out to research@apolloneuro.com to receive updates on research results, science, and publications.

You have 30 days from the date of delivery to request a full refund, minus shipping if you are unsatisfied with your Apollo wearable purchase. Import and duties fees for non-US orders are not refundable. Apollo devices have a one-year warranty and offers extended warranties at checkout.