Apollo™ Band 3-Pack $59.99

Apollo™ Band 3-Pack


Apollo Bands ensure a comfortable fit throughout every movement, are built to last, and cleaning is a breeze! Perfect for using the Apollo wearable on the wrist or ankle. This 3-pack contains a black, gray, and white band in the size of your choice.

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Select a band size Small
Select a color Black Gray & White
Engineered & Made in the USA Female Founded

We recommend size Medium Bands to fit most adult and teen wrists and ankles. Since many people prefer to wear Apollo on the ankle while they sleep, order a size that can fit your ankle as well as your wrist. Size Small is best for children under age 12 and very small adult wrists. Size Large is best for larger adult ankles and upper arms.

Ideal for
4″ – 7.5″ (101mm to 190mm) in circumference. The total length is 9.5″ (241mm).
Children under age 12 wrists and ankles, smaller adult wrists
5″ – 8.5″ (127mm to 216mm) in circumference. The total length is 10.5″ (267mm).
Most adult and teen wrists and ankles
6″ – 11″ (152mm to 279mm) in circumference. The total length is 13″ (330mm).
Larger adult ankles and upper arms

The Apollo Neuro band is made from a comfortable and durable neoprene material with polyester overlays.