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We built the Apollo wearable to help our bodies catch up with modern times. We're dedicated to building technology with intention — for the good of our health, our relationships, and our happiness. In our mission to build impactful tools to support resilient people, we brought together a group of experts uniquely aligned with our goal. From medical experts at the forefront of the health revolution to professionals in human performance, our team of experts expands our vision of what’s possible.

Meet Apollo's Scientific Advisory Board

Apollo’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of medical doctors, mental health experts, and scientists, helps guide our thinking around the latest research and product innovation.

+ Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD

Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Board-Certified Psychiatrist & Neuroscientist, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of Apollo Neuroscience

Dr. Michael Breus

+ Dr. Michael Breus, PhD

The Sleep Doctor; Double Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Sleep Specialist; Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine

Dr. Rachel Yehuda

+ Dr. Rachel Yehuda, PhD

Vice Chair of Psychiatry, Endowed Professor of Psychiatry and the Neurobiology of Trauma, and Director of the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai; Director of Mental Health and PTSD Programming, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Nicole Beurkens

+ Dr. Nicole Beurkens, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified Nutritionist specializing in evaluation and treatment of children with serious developmental and mental health conditions

Dr. Ronald Siegel

+ Dr. Ronald Siegel, PsyD

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Ben Kelmendi

+ Ben Kelmendi, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University; Co-Director, Yale Program, Psychedelic Science; Co-Founder, Yale Psychedelic Science Group

+ Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS

Clinical Professor, Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience; Team Neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Dr. Belinda Tan

+ Dr. Belinda Tan, MD, PhD

Co-Founder of Science 37, a market leader in virtual clinical trials; Co-Founder and Co-CEO of People Science, Former Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

+ Dr. Bryan Donohue, MD, FACC

Interventional Cardiologist, Former Chair of Medicine & Chief of Cardiology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

+ Lauren Taus, LCSW

Psychedelic assisted therapist, educator and activist

Meet Apollo’s Health and Wellness Experts

Grounded in neuroscience, the Apollo wearable’s technology is designed to sync with your body's natural rhythms, promoting a balanced state of well-being for better sleep, less stress, deeper focus, and more meaningful lives. Hear from our team of experts about how Apollo has transformed their practices and the lives of their clients.

Dr. Michael Gervais

+ Dr. Michael Gervais, PhD

High Performance Psychologist and Host of Finding Mastery Podcast

“The Apollo wearable is a go-to tool for anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their personal life, career, as an athlete, or wanting to show up a little better. By utilizing the power of touch, Apollo trains your nervous system to cope with stress better over time – so you can access your most optimal state more often. Apollo is a reminder that we're incredibly capable of healing and showing up as our most authentic selves when we feel safe.”

Dr. Josh Axe

+ Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS

Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and Clinical Nutritionist

“I rarely find something I'm 100% in on, but that's the Apollo wearable. It is paramount in finding inner balance, allowing people to get out of a stress response and into a mindset where they can make healthier decisions. It is an effective tool for everyone — from individuals suffering with their health to the healthiest people I know, Apollo helps unlock a new level of feeling better, and that's what I care about most.”

Kaisa Keranen

+ Kaisa Keranen

Personal Trainer and Fitness Educator

“Apollo has a been an absolute game changer both for my mental and physical recovery. Apollo helps me wind down and actually relax. Plus my sleep has never been better. I’m so grateful to have found a device that positively impacts my health and wellness, which in turn has helped me take my performance to another level!”

Dr. Mark Hyman

+ Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Leader in the Health Revolution Industry, Physician, and Author

“I'm always looking for new ways to reimagine health — primarily how we care for our mental and physical health. The Apollo wearable revolutionizes how we approach our health, actively improving sleep, cardiovascular metrics, focus, and more — and it's completely effortless for the user. Most importantly to me, it's making people feel good again. It's a fascinating mix of cutting-edge technology and ancient health knowledge.”

Dr. Halland Chen

+ Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Double Board Certified Physician

“My days as an MD are endless. The Apollo wearable is like my secret sidekick. It’s my top choice for shaking off stress, getting my brain back on track quickly - anything that helps create more efficiency in my life is amazing."

Katie Wells

+ Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC

Founder of Wellness Mama

“Getting consistent, high-quality sleep is a priority and I find that the Apollo is a great tool to allow us a much better night's sleep.When I am really busy and feeling stressed out, Apollo calms my body and mind. My whole family is in love with Apollo!”

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

+ Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, MD

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Author, Podcaster and Speaker

“The Apollo wearable helps me sleep better, stay calm and be more present. When I don't wear it I really feel the difference.”

Ben Greenfield

+ Ben Greenfield

Author, IronMan Triathlete, Fitness & Nutrition Expert

“The Apollo is the most unique wearable I’ve ever discovered. I use Social for parties, Unwind for naps, and Sleep for a deep night of restorative sleep. It’s an indispensable and safe tool for anyone who wants a bit of better living through science.”

Don Saladino

+ Don Saladino

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Health Entrepreneur
“It’s mind-blowing how vibration can enable me to relax quickly, resulting in better sleep and improved HRV. I feel great and sleep better anytime I use my Apollo.”
Dave Asprey

+ Dave Asprey

Author and Biohacker

“Vibration is a signal from the environment - the definition of biohacking. It changes the environment around and inside of you so that you have control of your own biology.”

Dr. Stephanie Estima

+ Dr. Stephanie Estima, DC

Women's Health Expert, Entrepreneur, and Podcast Host

“It's been an effortless way to improve my sleep scores, my recovery and my HRV.”

Jim Kwik

+ Jim Kwik

New York Times Bestselling Author, Speed Reading & Memory Trainer, and Host of #1 Kwik Brain Podcast

“My life's work is about redrawing the borders and boundaries of what's possible. Apollo Neuro helps me train a little harder, focus a bit more, sleep better — and overall, approach my days with a little more patience and compassion to be a better version of myself."

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