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"Fantauzzi and Rabin always understood that a product like this could help a lot of suffering people, but when they launched Apollo Neuroscience in early 2020, they couldn’t have fathomed the tidal wave of interest the pandemic would bring for such a product."

Finalist - Fast Company World Changing Ideas

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"Apollo is designed to reduce stress and recalibrate the nervous system using varying-frequency vibrations to make you more alert in boring meetings, focus better during cognitive or athletic activities and recover more quickly."

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“The Apollo, the first wellness wearable to actually change a body metric for you, works with your nervous system to optimize your heart rate variability, or the variation in time between each heartbeat.”

"For me, the appeal of Apollo was that I could conveniently use it during a busy workday."

“I was sold on the Apollo’s effectiveness for extreme stress after my first experience.”

"For your health-minded companion, look no further than Apollo Neuro, a wearable wellness device that actively helps your body adapt to stress."

"Apollo is the music that we compose based on the neuroscience of how the heart, lungs and the nervous system work together. It’s composed for your skin as a listening organ instead of your ears."

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"Wear the device on your wrist or ankle to improve energy, focus your attention, relax and recharge, and help you get restorative sleep."

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"Apollo Neuro’s ultimate goal of helping manage stress definitely translated into my life. I would find myself syncing my app and putting my wearable on even before I drank my daily morning coffee."

“The Apollo has no distracting screens and even has special bands just for kids. A test run by Nurse Edgar found that 100 percent of pediatric subjects dealing with ADHD and anxiety showed improvements in anxiety and impulse control from wearing the Apollo.”

“The result: Apollo Neuro, a wearable wellness device, which trains your nervous system to recover from stress more quickly, proving to be extremely helpful for those who suffer from chronic issues like anxiety and insomnia.”

“It’s been life-altering for me,” [former FBI employee] Leonardi said of the device… When I first tried the Apollo, within a matter of days I no longer had that hyper-reactive fear – that anxiety… My mind sensed joy again.”

“Did it help my focus? In a word: yes. After a few minutes, I felt the kind of focus I normally get after a coconut milk latte—energized, awake, and determined.”

"To put it simply, Apollo Neuro harnesses the body’s natural response to touch to naturally alter mood and calm the mind."

“Early this year, the wearable Apollo Neuro was debuted, and it uses vibration for mood regulation and anxiety relief. It is currently being tested in research-backed clinical trials as a tool for alleviating the symptoms of treatment-resistant PTSD.”

“By targeting the sympathetic nervous system and gently deactivating it, the Apollo intends to provide some training wheels to help us break old habits and strengthen the mental muscles we’ve let weaken.”

“A wearable device that changes your mood? Apollo Neuroscience offers a holistic alternative to prescription drugs.”

“Instead of human touch, the Apollo wearable’s rhythmic and gentle vibrations promote calm and restores the body’s natural balance.”

“In 2020 we will be changing our state of mind with wellness-focused mind-changing rituals and products and most excitingly, the wearable will actually become a mind altering substance, albeit a drug-free one.”

“Apollo harnesses your natural response to your sense of touch in order to help you regulate how you feel”

“While other wearables track your body, Apollo is the first ever to empower you to change it.”

“Stop struggling against stress – let Apollo train your nervous system to recover so you can take control of your health.”


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