There’s a Vibe for That: Back to School Edition

There’s a Vibe for That: Back to School Edition

Believe it or not, it’s that time again! In honor of back to school, we’re outlining the perfect Apollo Vibes for everyday school situations to make school days easier, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. The Apollo wearable is safe and effective for kids and teens, and now, thanks to School Schedule, even easier for children to use. We’re excited to share the most popular Vibes parents and students play to channel better focus, an easier time socializing, and smoother transitions from the school day to home life.

There’s a Vibe for That: Paying Attention in Class
Apollo Vibe: FOCUS

As adults, many of us have experienced how challenging it can be to focus for hours on end in Zoom meetings. Think of your little ones trying to focus for hours in classes - it’s no easy feat! The Apollo wearable is here to help. Focus Vibe is ideal for tasks requiring deep and sustained concentration, particularly if they're boring or frustrating. This Vibe combines frequencies of vibration shown to improve performance and heart rate variability (HRV) and to lower heart rate under stress.

There’s a Vibe for That: Meeting New Friends at School
Apollo Vibe: SOCIAL

 If your child is just starting at a new school, transitioning from elementary school to junior high, or feeling nervous about the school year, it can be extra nerve-wracking for them to make new friends and find their groove. Social Vibe promotes calm openness to help with the potential nervousness and awkwardness that can come from putting yourself out there. This Vibe combines frequencies of vibration shown to improve recovery, HRV, and to increase both energy levels and feelings of calm. They are designed to help you feel both engaged with the people around you and at ease.

There’s a Vibe for That: After Sports Practice
Apollo Vibe: RECOVER

The best Vibe for your kid after soccer, football, or any sports practice is Recover. Their growing bodies go through a lot on the field or on the court, and this even and balanced mode helps the body wind down after mental, physical, or emotional stressors. This Vibe can be great after a particularly stressful day or heightened emotions. Recover Vibe combines frequencies of vibration shown to significantly improve HRV as seen in a recent double-blind randomized placebo-controlled crossed trial. 

There’s a Vibe for That: Getting Homework Done
Apollo Vibe: FOCUS

If you’re having trouble getting your child or teen to sit down and do their homework, Focus Vibe, described above, might be of help. 

There’s a Vibe for That: Getting to Sleep on Time
Apollo Vibe: UNWIND 

Just like adults do, children need time to transition from one activity to the next in their day and night. Expecting a child to go straight to bed after a demanding sports practice or finishing a tricky school project is unrealistic as their bodies and minds might still be in “fight or flight” from the stress of the day. To transition to “rest and digest”, Unwind Vibe is ideal about an hour before bed as it eases their mind and promotes relaxation. Unwind Vibe combines frequencies shown to support relaxation and recovery by increasing parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) activity in the nervous system and improving HRV. Getting to sleep on time is crucial so kids have enough energy the next day to support their focus, learning, behavior, and physical stamina.

We’re wishing you and your family a less stressful and more restful school year ahead!