Introducing Stay Asleep

Introducing Stay Asleep

To us, sleep is everything. Introducing Stay Asleep. 

Today Apollo users already use their Apollo wearable to help them fall asleep. Now, exclusive to Apollo Labs™ members is Stay Asleep, which will detect unwanted wakeups in the night and will help you sleep through the night. Stay Asleep lets your Apollo™ wearable work harder than ever before to help you have a great sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you can check the Labs tab in the Apollo Neuro™ app to see how many times you were waking up and Stay Asleep turned on.

Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. Stay Asleep™ detects when you begin to stir and responds to you by delivering gentle, soothing vibrations to help keep you asleep so you wake up feeling rested with the energy to take on the day.  

According to data from the NIH and the Cleveland Clinic, 30% of Americans experience insomnia symptoms, 20% are taking prescription medication to sleep, and over 30% of Americans are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

“Sleep is the underpinning of mental health. When you are feeling stressed it’s harder to get the sleep you need, and when you are sleeping poorly, it’s harder to deal with stress. While having data about your sleep is useful, having a wearable that actually gives you more sleep is better. That’s why we are so excited to introduce Stay Asleep™, the first responsive feature available for Apollo Labs members.” - Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO and Co-Founder

Stay Asleep has long been in development and will be the first responsive feature available with an Apollo Labs membership. In 2020, when in-lab research was stopped in its tracks due to pandemic lockdowns, Apollo Neuro pioneered real world sleep research, inviting Apollo wearable users to share their biometric data from their Oura Ring to learn how their health would change as they experienced touch therapy through the Apollo wearable. Results from this observational study, which is currently in submission for peer-review, revealed that those who used the Apollo wearable daily got up to 30 minutes more sleep each night, and that more of their sleep was deep sleep and REM sleep.

Sleep is just the beginning. Apollo Labs will be the innovation ground for new neuroscience and AI applications in mental health, focusing initially on responsive experiences for sleep, stress-relief, and focus. By joining Apollo Labs, members will be part of building the future of responsive wearables that improves our physical and mental health and makes us better. 

“Our healthcare system has failed to deliver on the decades-old promise of personalized medicine.  For the first time in human history, modern technology has advanced to the point where we can leverage AI in something as small as a wearable to help us address something as fundamental as lack of sleep. Apollo Labs represents one of the first technologies that works for us by reminding us that we are in control of how we feel at any moment, even when we’re sleeping — one of the core teachings of mindfulness and meditation.” Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, Co-Founder of Apollo Neuro

To start, Apollo Labs will be available to a small group of members until broader availability opens up later this year. You can join the Apollo Labs waitlist to claim your spot in line. 

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