Apollo Neuro sleep study is underway

Apollo Neuro sleep study is underway


In April 2020, we kicked off a study to observe the association between sleep quality and Apollo Neuro usage. We are collaborating with over 1,000 Apollo Neuro users who are voluntarily sharing their sleep data with our research team using a health tracking device. Through analysis of this trove of sleep data, rarely available at such high volumes and in real-world settings, we are able to observe improved sleep in Apollo Neuro users – better sleep efficiency, deep sleep, REM sleep, and total time asleep.

Observing sleep metrics over the last year has been particularly eye-opening as sleep is essential to mental and physical health. Sleep experts have seen a surge in insomnia and sleep deprivation in a tremendous way. While we are currently in the data collection stage of this exploratory study, through a preliminary analysis, we have been able to draw statistically significant insights that can help our users access higher quality sleep in a very real way. The biggest takeaway that we can share so far is that using Apollo Neuro improves your sleep and recovery, and those who use Apollo consistently ( 3+ hours a day, 5+ days a week, during the day and night) see the biggest improvements in sleep and recovery metrics.


Over 1,000 Apollo Neuro users volunteered to share their sleep data through a consumer sleep tracking device with the Apollo Neuroscience research team, with the objective of observing trends in users’ sleep and recovery metrics as the result of using the Apollo Neuro wearable. No guidance was provided to the study subjects regarding how to use Apollo Neuro or how to go about daily activities or sleep behaviors. 


Consistent Apollo Neuro use will increase sleep duration and quality. 


Study in progress, preliminary results coming soon.