“I was sold on the Apollo’s effectiveness for extreme stress after my first experience.”

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“Apollo is the only wearable that has been proven to improve heart rate variability, which is a key metric of health and recovery.”

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“The Apollo, the first wellness wearable to actually change a body metric for you, works with your nervous system to optimize your heart rate variability, or the variation in time between each heartbeat.”

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“It’s been life-altering for me,” [former FBI employee] Leonardi said of the device… When I first tried the Apollo, within a matter of days I no longer had that hyper-reactive fear – that anxiety… My mind sensed joy again.”

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“It’s a minor miracle. I feel wide awake, something I have not felt at this time of the day for as long as I can remember.”

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“A wearable device that changes your mood? Apollo Neuroscience offers a holistic alternative to prescription drugs.”

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“Instead of human touch, the Apollo wearable’s rhythmic and gentle vibrations promote calm and restores the body’s natural balance.”

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“Did it help my focus? In a word: yes. After a few minutes, I felt the kind of focus I normally get after a coconut milk latte—energized, awake, and determined.”

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“In 2020 we will be changing our state of mind with wellness-focused mind-changing rituals and products and most excitingly, the wearable will actually become a mind altering substance, albeit a drug-free one.”

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“Apollo harnesses your natural response to your sense of touch in order to help you regulate how you feel”

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“While other wearables track your body, Apollo is the first ever to empower you to change it.”

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“Stop struggling against stress – let Apollo train your nervous system to recover so you can take control of your health.”

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