What’s New with SmartVibes?

What’s New with SmartVibes?
Activate your SmartVibes membership to unlock a more personalized Apollo experience with the all-new daytime and stress-relief features. Learn more or get SmartVibes directly on your phone.

With the recent announcement of SmartVibes, our new annual membership that brings a more personalized Apollo experience, we’ve seen equal parts more excitement, better sleep, and less stress. We’re thrilled to announce more features available through SmartVibes today. 

New SmartVibes, just for you

New: Sleep smarter 

SmartVibes for sleep learns from your sleep patterns to personalize Vibes to help you unwind before bed and lull you to sleep faster when your head hits the pillow. 

SmartVibes senses when you start to stir in the night and responds with soothing vibrations to help keep you sleeping through the night. Apollo is the first technology that can detect and prevent unwanted wake-ups before they happen, and the results are astounding. Over the last six months, over 2,500 customers have been using SmartVibes for sleep, experiencing up to 60 minutes more sleep each night.

The result? You feel powerfully calm and balanced and can bounce back faster when stress comes calling.

“SmartVibes for sleep is THE game changer. To put it kindly, I'm a fickle sleeper. I normally wake up to every floor creak, child's cough, dog's rustle, not to mention my husband's snoring. SmartVibes has changed the game. Now, I simply don't wake it - it's amazing!” - Claudia C.

SmartVibes made just for you

Listens to your body 

SmartVibes learns how you are feeling and what your body needs more of, whether sleep, stress-relief, recovery, or relaxation, from Apollo’s sleep metrics, Oura Ring’s health data, and a daily mood and feeling log.

Responds to you 

SmartVibes personalizes Vibes each day, unique to you, to help you feel more balanced, activating your vagus nerve and optimizing the functions of your body.  

Adapts as you do 

We don’t sleep or feel the same every day, every week — SmartVibes changes as you change. 

SmartVibes now integrates with more data sources — starting with Oura Ring — to understand the body’s readiness better and deliver personalized Apollo Vibes to support stress recovery during the day. Learning about your health from Apollo’s sleep metrics, Oura Ring’s health data, and a daily mood and feeling log, SmartVibes personalizes Vibes every day to activate your vagus nerve and optimize the functions of your body.

SmartVibes for daytime is like your personal stress-relief assistant, personalizing Apollo Vibes to help you feel balanced based on how you’re feeling and what you need more of. Vibes will play during the day automatically to help calm your body and clear your mind to help you tackle stress. SmartVibes learns from real data to provide real results and benefits specifically for you.

The body’s health is dependent on the dynamic relationship between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system - the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) vagal branch and the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) branch. Using the touch receptors in the skin, Apollo sends soothing vibration signals to the brain that communicate safety and control so the body can enter the flow state a person is aiming to be in - whether calm, relaxed, focused, energized, or sleepy. This helps to improve vagal tone and balance the nervous system, resulting in more sleep and reduced stress.

SmartVibes adapts and changes every day as you change. We’re growing, learning, and moving people, so we built an Apollo experience that can keep up. The result? You feel powerfully calm and balanced and can bounce back faster when stress comes calling. 

Apollo and Oura Ring

In addition to sleep issues, over 75% of Americans report that chronic stress negatively impacts their physical health. By integrating SmartVibes with other wearables, like Oura Ring, Apollo can better understand the person’s state of readiness and how resilient they are to stress. Based on those inputs, Apollo personalizes Vibes to turn on automatically throughout the day to support the body’s recovery from stress.

There are two ways to connect your Oura Ring to your Apollo for an even more personalized Vibe experience. One option is to open up the Apollo app and go to the SmartVibes tab where there will be a card that prompts you to make the integration. The second option is to tap the Settings gear on the home screen of your Apollo app and choose Oura Ring under "Data Sharing".

“ŌURA’s mission is to empower our members to take control of their health from the inside out,” says Tom Hale, CEO at ŌURA. “We are pleased to see Apollo Neuro leveraging ŌURA’s continuous data to help people prioritize stress relief and recovery. This kind of innovative wellness solution demonstrates the future possibilities of how continuous data can be used to improve health outcomes.”