New Year’s Resolutions: There’s a Vibe for That

Women jogging in the forest wearing a blue tank top with Apollo wearable on left wrist.

Got goals for 2024? Whether you’re the type of person who sets hard and fast New Year’s Resolutions or take a looser approach to improving the upcoming year, your Apollo wearable can help you meet your goals! No matter what you have in mind for the year ahead, your Apollo is there every step of the way with specific Apollo Vibes to support you.

Resolution: Walk more → Vibe: Energy 

It’s amazing how many steps you can add to your day by walking the dog a little further than usual or parking further away from your office. It adds up! If you’re often sluggish in the morning, Energy Vibe is a boost of energy without a caffeine crash. Use it to add pep into your step.

Resolution: Cut down on alcohol → Vibe: Social 

After the spiked eggnog in December and the champagne on New Year’s Eve, you may be craving a booze-free January. Turn to Social Vibe in social situations like birthday parties or dates. It elevates your mood so effectively you may just order sparkling water instead of a cocktail next time you’re out.

Resolution: Commit to a workout routine → Vibe: Focus 

Focus is the ideal Vibe pre-workout. It filters out distractions and helps you perform at your best, whether playing pickleball, lifting weights, or doing yoga. The best workout is one that you enjoy, and Focus Vibe helps you to do just that.

Resolution: Not overschedule yourself → Vibe: Recover 

If you typically have plans every day of the week, carve out some You Time in the new year with Recover Vibe. It’s ideal for when you’re feeling run down or sick or when you’re just ready to relax.

Resolution: Meditate → Vibe: Calm

If you’re committing to meditating regularly in the new year, Calm Vibe is your new best friend. It prepares you for meditation by facilitating the connection between body and mind and helps you to achieve a flow state. 

Resolution: Get to bed on time → Unwind 

Instead of pouring yourself a nightcap or watching Netflix for hours, get to bed on time with Unwind Vibe. It helps you to transition from day to night to prepare your body and mind for deep relaxation.

Resolution: Sleep 8 hours a night → Sleep 

Working on boosting those Sleep Scores? Sleep Vibe will help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Apollo users experience up to 30 more minutes of sleep on average with consistent use of the device (at least three hours a day, five days a week).

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year ahead!