Drive yourself calm, not crazy. Commuting with Apollo.

Drive yourself calm, not crazy. Commuting with Apollo.

Does leaving the house feel extra stressful these days? It’s like we got rusty dealing with the outside world. And a lot of us might have a shorter fuse these days. As some parts of life as we knew it return, it can be tricky to venture out in a way that feels safe, healthy, and comfortable. And then we finally decide to venture out and… traffic?! Enter: road rage. 

Commuting is back, everyone. And with the holidays on the horizon, even more people will be on the road. Throughout the pandemic, some of you never stopped your commute, while some have barely been on the road working from home. With a lot more people back on the road and universally elevated stress levels, you can expect to see some road rage. 

We’re here to share some of our favorite ways to manage your mood on a commute.

1. Take the high road

Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know what other people around us are going through, so take this as an opportunity to practice compassion.

2. Let your speakers do the talking.

Use your commute to listen to something enjoyable like a non-inflammatory podcast or new music. Before you start driving, build your queue to avoid tinkering with your phone while driving.

3. Orient your compass, err, maps app.

Before you set sail, load your navigation system. This will avoid last minute glitches and the frustration that follows. 

4. Stay clear, stay focused.

Set your Apollo to Clear and Focused to let your stress melt away so you can focus on the task at hand: getting from Point A to Point B. Try 30 minutes at 40% intensity on Clear and Focused.

5. Practice mindfulness

Here are some little ways to introduce mindfulness into your drive.

  • Use stop signs to stay present – fully stop and count 3-2-1.
  • Did someone cut you off? Take a deep breath and show compassion.
  • Practice non-judgmental awareness, and think, am I really in a rush?

6. Recover at the wheel.

Use Rebuild and Recover mode for 30 minutes at 40% intensity to come down from the morning or day you had. Acknowledge your transition from home to work, or work to home and arrive as a better version of you.

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