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Be ready for whatever comes next with Apollo.

New technology that feels familiar. The Apollo wearable device harnesses your body’s natural response to touch to help you bounce back from stress. Apollo’s rhythmic waves work fast to give you control over stress right at the moment you need it, so you can tackle whatever comes next. Goal-based modes as unique as you. With the Apollo app, you have the power to choose how you want to feel. Like the perfect song, a deep breath or a comforting hug, Apollo modes work naturally with your body to help you beat stress to unlock clear focus, better sleep and more.

The iOS and Android compatible app

Choose how you want to feel with seven curated modes designed to work with your body

The mood-altering wearable device

Harness your body’s natural response to touch

Bryan Donohue, MD, FACC

“Apollo provides a practical tool for doing what it is that we most would like to do for our patients, which is expanding their happiness.”

- Dr. Bryan Donohue MD, FACC, Interventional Cardiologist, Former Chief of Cardiology

Apollo FAQs

The Apollo system was designed with EMF in mind. Apollo can be worn in airplane mode. You can select to turn on airplane mode in the Apollo app, which will disable the Apollo device’s antenna from communicating. The device must be connected to the charger to re-enable the Bluetooth connection.

When airplane mode is off and the app is actively in use, Apollo only emits very low levels of EMF as the mobile app and device are communicating via Bluetooth. Once you select an Apollo program and close the app, Bluetooth communication stops until you open the app again.

Apollo waves are sound waves (like music that you can feel and not hear). They are safe for kids, adults and the elderly.

Learn how to put Apollo in airplane mode

Originally developed by physicians and neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo is a new kind of wearable that helps you change how you feel through your sense of touch.

The wearable device is controlled through a mobile app that offers curated programs designed to improve energy, focus, socializing, recovery, meditation, relaxation, and sleep. Once you select a program, the Apollo wearable device will begin delivering waves of vibration that improve biometrics of stress like HRV, promote relaxation, sleep, and enhance cognitive performance and focus.

When you feel Apollo, the touch receptors in your skin signal safety to your brain, engaging the parasympathetic (rest and digest) part of your nervous system and restoring your body’s equilibrium during and after stress so you can recover quickly and be more resilient.

Apollo is a safe, drug-free solution for kids, adults and the elderly. Apollo can be worn on the wrist or the ankle. Apollo’s modes can be set for various time periods and intensity levels. Apollo’s vibrations are gentle but effective. Apollo can be worn during the day and night, at any time you choose.

Find out more about the science behind Apollo and summary of all current and ongoing research trials on the Apollo technology.

Several academic institutions, including the University of Pittsburgh, have conducted independent clinical research and trials of the Apollo technology. We will share these peer-reviewed publications as they release them. Reach out to research@apolloneuro.com to receive updates on research results, science, and publications.

Apollo is not a tracking device. Both lab and real world trials demonstrate that Apollo’s programs actively improve sleep and biometrics like heart rate variability, heart rate, and blood pressure under stress. However, the device does not track these metrics. The Apollo device currently collects usage data, location data, and accelerometer data. We use this data to improve the Apollo experience and to develop new app features for future release.

Apollo currently offers international shipping to North America and Europe.

A parent who uses their phone or tablet to control an Apollo wearable for their child can do so easily.

However, it is important to note that the Apollo wearable can only be controlled by the owner’s phone or tablet. When you set up your Apollo it bonds to your phone or tablet. This creates a secure connection, ensuring that your data is secure and only your phone or tablet can control the Apollo wearable.

To share the Apollo wearable with someone else, you would either need to:

  1. Let the other person use your phone or tablet to control the wearable or…
  2. You would need to disconnect your wearable and delete your data from the wearable to let the other person set up an account with the device using their phone or tablet.