Apollo Neuro co-founder explains how the Apollo wearable works

Headshot of Dr. David Rabin

Let’s talk about the Apollo wearable - what is it, and how does it work? 

Apollo is a wearable device that improves your body’s resilience to stress. By training your body to relax and recover, the Apollo wearable can help you sleep, focus, and tap into a healthier and more productive version of yourself. 

Stress triggers the “fight or flight” response, making us feel like we’re in danger. The Apollo wearable was developed to signal safety to the brain and interrupt that “fight or flight” response when we’re not actually in danger. It’s like a wearable hug for your nervous system that uses silent, soothing vibrations to rebalance your body and mind. 

The Apollo wearable was designed to be easy to use, anywhere and anytime. Wear it on your wrist or ankle, and use the Apollo Neuro app to help you transition through your day. Choose from modes like Sleep, Relax, Focus, and Recover to take control of how you’d like to feel. 

We’ve studied Apollo’s effects in multiple clinical and real-world studies, and it has consistently delivered improvements in heart rate variability, sleep, focus, and cognitive performance. And we’ve learned that the more you use it, the better it works. Over time, Apollo actually trains your body to recover from stress more efficiently on its own. 

Use the Apollo wearable to take control of how you deal with stress. You’ll sleep better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll get to know a better version of yourself.  

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