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Better sleep, less stress, happier people

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Uplift your team with good vibes

No matter your size or goals, better health is just a vibe away. Apollo’s soothing rhythms of vibrations help balance and regulate your parasympathetic nervous system so you can stress less and sleep better. Even on your toughest days, you can be in tune with your body’s natural rhythms and be ready for what life tosses your way. Apollo empowers individuals and teams to uncover a healthier you. We partner with organizations to support employee wellness & gifting programs, military and athletic performance, research, and healthcare wellness and outcomes.

Apollo partners with:
Red Bull
NFL Alumni
VA / U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Using Apollo can improve sleep and stress as much as meditation.

40% less stress and feelings of anxiety, on average

Up to 25% more focus & concentration


11% increase in HRV (heart rate variability), on average

Up to 30 minutes more sleep a night

Prevent burnout for healthier, happier employees

Support your organization to live more balanced and fulfilling lives. Apollo helps improve productivity and focus, sleep, and overall employee morale. As a gift or as part of your company’s benefits, partner with Apollo to reinforce your commitment to a happier, healthier, more productive organization.

Accelerate your athlete’s recovery and performance

The Apollo wearable delivers low-frequency vibrations, Apollo Vibes, that significantly improve HRV and bring athletes back to a state of recovery faster after physical, mental, or emotional strain. Vibes improve sleep, help manage stress, and elevate overall mental well-being — all essential for successful and speedy athletic recovery.

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Tailored support for people who work against the clock

Shift work and high-stress roles demand extraordinary resilience from your body and mind, and Apollo can help shoulder the burden. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your demanding lifestyle, Apollo supports your circadian rhythm, enhances recovery from both mental and physical stress, and guides your body out of the fight-or-flight response, empowering you to face each day with renewed vigor.

Explore how Apollo made a difference for nursing staff, reducing stress by 40% in just two weeks, and imagine what it could do for your team.

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Calm body. Clear mind. Better performance.