Apollo reduces stress in nursing staff by 40% in two weeks

Nurse wearing a stethoscope talking to a patient

The study

Being sick is stressful, period.  But imagine the stress of caring for sick people, day in and day out?  Nurses, doctors, elder caregivers, and more are prone to all kinds of ailments caused by chronic stress.  And it impacts the workplace and patients as well, with higher incidence of sick leave, absenteeism, disengagement, and attrition.

So let’s take care of the caregivers! Apollo Neuroscience co-founder Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD and Dr. Joseph Maroon MD, FACS designed a study with nursing staff to measure whether Apollo is effective in reducing workplace stress and combating burnout. 


Nurses were given a clinically-validated psychological assessment that evaluates the core domains of sleep, mood, anxiety, energy, and stress to determine each nurse’s baseline stress score before they began using Apollo. Following 14 days of Apollo use, the staff was given the same survey again.


  1. Results of cohort 1 (11 subjects) demonstrated an average reduction in stress scores of over 40% within just 2 weeks of using Apollo on their own.
  2. Nursing staff reported significant improvements in:
    • Sleep
    • Energy
    • Mood
    • Focus
    • Stress