How we’re giving the world 100 million more minutes of sleep by 2025

How we’re giving the world 100 million more minutes of sleep by 2025

Our goal is to give the world 100 million more minutes of extra sleep by 2025.

Since we launched the Apollo™ wearable in early 2020, it has helped over 100,000 customers sleep, relax, focus, and recover through soothing Apollo Vibes™ that calm the body and clear the mind. In the beginning, Kathryn and Dr. Dave, Apollo Neuro™ co-founders, had an ambitious goal: let’s get this amazing discovery out of the science lab where many important scientific discoveries collect dust and never see the light of day and into the hands (or strapped onto the bodies!) of as many people as possible. They could feel the effect that Apollo vibrations were having on their physical and mental well-being and they wanted to share it with everyone.  

Fast forward three years to 2023, we’ve witnessed the impact Apollo has had in the lives of our customers – we have a new, bold goal at Apollo Neuro – to give the world 100 million more minutes of extra sleep by 2025. Sleep is the foundation of both physical and mental health and we are not getting enough of it. 90% of people have trouble falling asleep (source: Harmony Healthcare IT1), 50% struggle to sleep at all (source: The Sleep Foundation), 50% take something to help them sleep, and 30% are diagnosed with insomnia (source: The Sleep Foundation). Enough is enough. 

The Apollo Neuro app experience just got better

Today Apollo users can already use their Apollo wearable to help them fall asleep.. Now, exclusive to Apollo Labs members is Stay Asleep™, a new sleep Vibe that detects when you may be waking up and automatically plays to help keep you sleeping through the night.  

New: ‘Me’ tab in your app

You will see a new Me tab in your Apollo Neuro app, where you will be able to see the benefits you are experiencing with the Apollo wearable for sleep, stress-relief, and focus. This is based on your Apollo wearable usage and how close you are to achieving the recommended usage of at least 90 minutes during the day, and at least 90 minutes during the evening/night.

Your Apollo Benefits Score is a benchmark guiding you to get the most out of your Apollo so you can feel clear, calm, and focused. Clinical studies show wearing Apollo for at least 90 minutes during the day and at least 90 minutes at night, every day, will give you the best results. Sleep is the underpinning of good mental health and is a big part of your Benefits Score. Playing Apollo Vibes during the day is crucial to getting good sleep at night and playing Apollo Vibes to unwind and fall asleep will help you restore your body and wake up rested and refreshed.

You can also now see your Estimated Sleep Gains – how much extra sleep you got thanks to Apollo, a global minutes of sleep ‘ticker’ tracking our progress toward 100 million minutes of sleep, plus if you are an Apollo Labs member, you will also see how long you slept and when Stay Asleep turned on to keep you sleeping.

The science behind estimated number of minutes of sleep gained

In 2020, when sleep labs across the world shut down due to the pandemic lockdown, Apollo Neuro brought its neuroscience and technology discoveries to consumers. 1,500 people signed up to participate in our first sleep study and the Apollo Neuro clinical research team has been tracking the sleep data from this study for over three years. Not only did the results reveal that Apollo gives us better sleep and more of it, but it also showed us which Apollo customers got the best results and how they did it. Results from this observational study, which is currently in submission for peer-review, revealed that those who used the Apollo wearable daily got up to 30 minutes more sleep each night, and that more of their sleep was deep sleep and REM sleep.

Leveraging this study and the data we continue to gather from it every day, we developed a predictive algorithm using hundreds of millions of data points and compares Apollo wearable usage patterns and sleep quality to reveal how many minutes of sleep an Apollo customer is likely to be getting. Our predictive algorithm is evolving every day – as Apollo customers learn and grow, the Apollo experience will become more customized and responsive to an individual to meet their unique needs. 

How are your sleep gains estimated?

Your sleep gains show you how much more sleep you're getting by wearing your Apollo.

Sleep gains are calculated based on 1) your Apollo sleep data 2) how often you play Apollo Vibes during the day and night, and 3) how consistently you wear your Apollo, each day, each week.  Why do we do it this way? Our Apollo Sleep Study results, with more than 100 million data points, show Apollo users can get up to 30 more minutes of sleep a night, 14% more REM sleep and 19% more deep sleep if they wear Apollo for at least 90 minutes at night and at least 90 minutes during the day, every day.

We’re here to help you get better sleep and more of it!