Introducing the Apollo Clip: wear Apollo your way

Image showing three people wearing the Apollo Clip on various parts of the body

By popular demand, we’re giving you more options to wear your Apollo wearable your way. Meet the Apollo Clip

The Apollo Neuro experience is about finding what works best for you. Whether that’s with a clip attached to your clothing or a band around your wrist or ankle, we recommend having the Apollo wearable gently buzzing on your body for at least three hours a day, five days a week, during the day and night for best results.

Choose where you want to wear the Apollo Clip.

  • Wear it your way. The Apollo device comes with both a band and a clip, making it easy to wear it anywhere that feels good to you. Whether that’s on your wrist, ankle, or arm, or clipped to your shirt, bra, or pocket, you may choose to wear Apollo in different ways as you go about your day. For best results, it’s important to place the device near a bone, like your wrist, ankle, chest, spine (near the back of your neck), or hip.
  • Feel the difference. Intensity level preference will vary depending how you wear your Apollo. Use the Apollo Neuro app or the buttons on the Apollo device to adjust the intensity up or down. You can feel Apollo vibrations more on larger bones, so if you wear Apollo on your chest or spine, you’ll likely want to start with a much lower intensity than wearing it on your wrist or ankle.
  • Consistency matters. Aim for at least three hours a day, five days a week, during the day and night. No matter where you choose to wear Apollo, consistent use is key.

How to use the Apollo Band

  1. Remove the Clip (if already attached)
  2. Feed the hook-and-loop tab of the band under the metal top and slide the band through, with the hook-and-loop strip facing up toward you
  3. Slide the device all the way to the metal D-ring

    How to use the Apollo Clip

    1. Remove the Band (if already attached)
    2. Slide the Clip underneath the metal faceplate. The triangle on the back of the clip should face the device. 
    3. There will be a click when it is securely attached
    4. Wear your Apollo with the back of the device next to your body

    For best results, place your Apollo wearable in close contact with your body and ideally near a bone, such as near the chest bone, spine, wrist, hip bone, or ankle. 

    Try clipping the Apollo device to your:

    1. Waist band
    2. Bra
    3. Shirt collar
    4. Pocket
    Be sure to secure the Clip onto clothing that is sturdy rather than flimsy so it doesn’t fall off.

      Remember, where you wear the Apollo wearable is less important than the fact you’re using it regularly, day and night. Clip for day, Band for night? Your choice. See what feels best, and enjoy better sleep, focus, mood, and a calmer, more mindful you.