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We often get questions from our customers asking us what Apollo Vibe is best to help with different feelings, moods or situations. The Discover feature on your Apollo Neuro app lets you search for the right Apollo Vibe based on how you are feeling or by what you are doing. 

While there are eight Apollo™ Vibes — Energy, Social, Focus, Recover, Power Nap, Calm, Unwind, and Fall Asleep — there are more use-cases for each of our carefully and intentionally designed Vibes because the unique higher and lower vibrations of each Vibe help to transform how you feel in the moment. 

Apollo is about balance. It isn’t just about relaxing, and it isn’t just about performing. Apollo is about physical and mental balance and we’ve designed patented Vibes to help your body gently transition through your natural response to touch.

How? We combined frequencies of vibration known to change our energy levels by increasing or decreasing parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system activity. Vibes designed for rest and relaxation contain more slow-moving gentle frequencies known to increase parasympathetic activity. Vibes for energy contain frequencies known in the literature to increase heart rate and blood flow for increased energy and alertness.

The science behind Vibes

The Apollo wearable delivers gentle silent sound waves of vibration (ie. bass) that are demonstrated in the lab, the clinic, and in the real world to improve the balance of our nervous systems through our sense of touch.

Touch is a powerful sense. Evolutionarily, it is the most important, nearly instantaneous way that mammals communicate safety to one another and is likely hundreds of millions of years old. Different forms of touch (vibration, electricity, heat, cold, soothing massage, etc) can change how we feel in ways that can be measured biologically. Extensive reports demonstrate that certain frequencies of vibration are found to be soothing and significantly increase parasympathetic tone, as measured by heart rate variability (HRV), while others can be more energizing, increasing our heart rate and other measures of sympathetic activity.

Ready to get started with Vibe Discover?

Head to Discover tab in your Apollo Neuro app. From there, you can browse scenarios, based on how you feel or what you are doing. 

  • 🔎 Based on how you feel, choose from scenarios like: creative, exhausted, overwhelmed, queasy, sore, or more.
  • 🔎 Based on what you are doing, choose from scenarios like: driving, meditating, partying, public speaking, writing, and more.

If you have questions about the best Vibe to use for a particular situation, send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram and we can add it into Discover! 

Schedule your Vibe with UI of the Schedule screen of the Apollo Neuro app

We asked, you answered: What’s your favorite Vibe?

“This is an amazing device. I absolutely love the technology and have bought one for my whole family. Fall Asleep has completely helped my husband and daughter’s lives. Focus and Energy are my favorites. My son uses the Calm and the Recover Vibes. There are so many capabilities in one device; it's great.” - Theresa D. 

“Unwind! As a relatively anxious person, my mind starts working double-time when all I want to do is get ready for bed. Unwind Vibe helps me break that cycle. I’ve been able to adopt a new habit of reading before bed. I swear Unwind cuts all the monkey chatter and let’s me just enjoy the present moment. It’s been so interesting to witness!” - Becka L. 

“I don’t want to take it off!! I absolutely love my Apollo. It makes me go to sleep more quickly and I sleep more deeply and dream more often thanks to more REM sleep. It’s also helped a great deal with anxiety lately, I love the Calm Vibe! Another favorite is the Social Vibe, I’m a fairly quiet person, but this one elevates my normal to far better levels of fluid conversation. I can’t wait for the stay asleep mode!” - Katherine B.

“Although I use almost all of the Vibes, my go-to is Recover. As a runner, it’s critical for my post run-routine, so I don’t end up beat for the rest of the day. It lets my mind and body recover. It’s allowed me to cut a fair bit of time off of my races which has been invaluable. I also love Stay Asleep - life just feels so much easier after a good night of sleep. You can’t put a price tag on that!” - James C.