Apollo Neuro Summer Travel Favorites

Women driving car with white shirt and brown hat with Apollo wearable on wrist with young son in car.

Summer is well underway and from flight delays to time zone changes to celebrating with family and friends, a little bit of extra effort is often needed during summer travel to keep ourselves healthy and our nervous systems calm. Our team at Apollo Neuro rounded up some of our favorite summer travel items to bring alongside our favorite travel item of all: the Apollo™ wearable. (Recover Vibe post travel is the BEST travel hack).

  1. Vuori joggers: These are the favorite pants to wear for road trips or plane rides for many Apollo team members. Look put together while still staying comfy. Apollo team member Rachel enjoyed wearing hers on her recent trek to France for a wedding this summer.
  2. Spotify for podcasts: Download some episodes before you travel and enjoy all flight long! Our current favorite podcasts include Dr. Michael Gervais’ Finding Mastery, The Gabby Reece Show, and Apollo co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dave Rabin, MD, PhD’s, new show, Your Brain Explained
  3. AG1: If your travel plans include more pizza and prosecco than plants, grab some AG1 travel packs to ensure you have your bases covered. One daily serving delivers an impressive blend of 9 health products—a multivitamin, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, and more. Our Content Marketing Manager Blair swears by it.
  4. Aloha Collection pouches: These “splash proof” travel bags keep wet bathing suits from making everything else in your suitcase damp. They’re ideal for storing everything from toiletries to snacks or anything else that could spill and cause havoc during travel. They come in the most fun prints, too! 
  5. Four Sigmatic Think Organic Instant Coffee: If you’re going to be caught somewhere without a kitchen or far from a coffee shop, throw some of these in your bag. Our friends at Four Sigmatic infused this organic instant coffee with lion’s mane mushrooms and chaga mushrooms for focus in convenient travel packets. Just stir 1 packet into hot water and enjoy. 
  6. Turtl Travel Pillow: The only thing worse than landing and getting off a plane after a sleepless redeye is getting off a plane after a sleepless redeye with a stiff neck. This travel pillow is very packable and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around your destination. It completely supports your noggin and offers a comfy plane or car sleep, without needing a window seat!

Wishing you safe and fun travels this season!