[Webinar] How to Improve Intimacy and Sexual Wellbeing with Dr. Alex Milspaw

[Webinar] How to Improve Intimacy and Sexual Wellbeing with Dr. Alex Milspaw

[Webinar] How to Improve Intimacy and Sexual Wellbeing 

Dr. Alexandra Milspaw has been educating on sexual health since 2007. A licensed professional counselor, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, and published author, Dr. Milspaw specializes in hypnosis, PTSD, and pelvic pain. Her focus and passion is bridging the gap between the medical and psychological worlds.

 Tune in to learn:

  • How to feel safer in your body in order to connect with yourself and others Methods for calming your nervous system and reducing stress to improve intimacy
  • Strategies for connecting with yourself and others
  • Why intimacy and connection are vital to our well-being
  • How to use your Apollo wearable to connect with yourself and others 

This webinar is the first offering in the "Apollo Neuro Intimacy & your Nervous System Series". You can also tune in to our second webinar in the series, “Less Stress and Better Sex as you Age”.


  • Dr. David Rabin
  • Dr. Alexandra Milspaw

About the speakers

Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, a board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist, is the co-founder & Chief Medical Officer at Apollo Neuro, the first scientifically-validated wearable system to improve heart rate variability, focus, relaxation, and sleep by delivering gentle layered vibrations to the skin. In addition to his clinical psychiatry practice, Dr. Rabin is also the co-founder & executive director of The Board of Medicine, and a psychedelic clinical researcher currently evaluating the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in treatment-resistant mental illnesses.

Dr. Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, M.Ed., LPC is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania. She earned her Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and Human Services from Lehigh University and earned her PhD in the clinical practice of Human Sexuality from Widener University. Dr. Milspaw is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Trainer and Consultant. She specializes in relaxation and stress management as well as chronic pain and trauma. Dr. Milspaw is a professional presenter for sexuality and reproductive health education for local colleges, community agencies, and national conferences. She works with a variety of clients, including those coping with chronic pelvic and sexual pain in an effort to reduce pain and associated emotional and psychological stressors. She also has experience working with the LGBTQIA population, including those in transition. Sexuality encompasses all that you are and how you relate to the world around you.

[Webinar Series] Intimacy & your Nervous System: How Safety Affects your Relationships and Sexual Wellness

To experience intimacy and pleasure it’s important to feel safe and relaxed. From a point of safety and relaxation, we’re able to reach deeper and more intimate levels in our relationships. And guess what? The Apollo™ wearable can help. Through soothing vibrations, the Apollo wearable helps you to feel safe and in control so you can relax, sleep, focus, and connect with others. 

Apollo Neuro™ co-founder and board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Dave sits down with sexual health experts Dr. Alexandra Milspaw and Dr. Amy Killen to explore how the feeling of safety influences our relationships and sexual wellness in a two-part webinar series.