Apollo works with your body to help you get in the zone, naturally.
Lab studies show Apollo users improve their performance by up to 25%

Feeling is Believing

Train your brain like yoga and meditation

Apollo supports healthy parasympathetic nervous system activity, just like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises.

Feeling is Believing

Be ready for a challenge

Lab studies show that Apollo improves heart rate variability, a key indicator of your body's resilience and ability to adapt to stress.

Feeling is Believing

Apollo works with your body to help you find your flow, naturally.

The first app proven to help you wake up, focus your mind, and unwind. Apollo combines subsonic layered vibration with machine learning to improve parasympathetic nervous system activity, helping you feel balanced and ready to go. 

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The App

Harness Neuroscience to Live
in the Moment

Apollo combines cutting edge neuroscience and machine learning to help you naturally improve  heart rate variability with safe, personalized, layered vibrations.

Apollo naturally increases neuronal firing in the parasympathetic nervous system just like yoga and meditation practices, helping you clear your head  to get what you want to do done, whether it's getting focused, coming up with your next big idea, or resting and recharging.

Like meditation and yoga, the more you use Apollo, the better it gets!

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I use Apollo to help me always be at my best like some people drink coffee. Apollo helps me be more present in my body in the moment so that I’m always thinking on point with my decisions and not distracted by all the other craziness of life.
- Anna S. 

The first time I tried Apollo, I experienced back and neck pain relief like I haven’t felt in years. The sense of calm clarity I experienced with Apollo was what I feel like on my best days climbing mountains in Alaska. This technology could clearly be of great benefit to veterans and others suffering from PTSD. 
- Demond M. PhD

Apollo is a fantastic help with relaxing and winding down at the end of the night before bed. I sleep much better when I use Apollo. My meditation experiences are improved as well, which was a lovely surprise! I am convinced that Apollo will be platform technology for assisting both therapists and patients in clinical settings.
- Rachael G. PhD

I am genuinely excited about Apollo's clinical application to support emotional healing. I anticipate this technology being useful for both acute stress management and for working through chronic psychological issues. Simultaneously, I see this technology as a powerful research tool for further exploring biological mechanisms underlying the spectrum of emotional states and experiences.
 -Joseph C. MD Psychiatrist

Apollo instantly captured me with its similarities to the feelings of bass when you’re next to the subwoofer at a great show! The energy that grows inside you when you use Apollo is really something to experience…
- Alex A. 

How Apollo Works

Putting Science & Technology to Work For You

Feel Better - Do Better

Apollo increases your heart rate variability, making it easier for you to adapt and bounce back from stress.

Using Apollo can help you feel energized, get focused, and unwind so you can always be ready for your next challenge.

Wake Up

Apollo can help you feel more awake. Use energizing Apollo Waves whenever you'd like more pep in your step.


Fresh ideas come to mind when we have a clear head. Use Apollo to help you innovate and create.


Life can be distracting. Apollo helps you get sustained focus and concentration.


We do our best when we rest. Apollo helps you unwind so you can rest and recharge.

Personalize Apollo

Apollo's machine learning algorithms learn about you and what works for you to deliver customized experiences to help you get where you want to be.

Put Data To Work For You

Apollo's algorithms use information about your preferences and environment to find which waves best achieve your goals.

A Learning App

Apollo learns what works best for your body to help you improve your resilience to stress so you can adapt and be ready to go instantly without thinking about it.

Performance Boost

Apollo delivers customized layered vibrations to increase parasympathetic nervous system activity shown to help you think clearly so you can accomplish more of what you want to do.

You're in Charge

Apollo works with your nervous system naturally to increase resilience to stress, helping you take control and be cool, calm, and collected in our ever changing world.

Train Your Brain

Apollo works with your nervous system, making it easier to calm your nerves and focus your attention so you can perform at your best.

Slow Breathing

Apollo slows your breathing without you having to think about it, helping slow your thoughts and build your resilience to stress.

Even Heart Beats

Apollo is shown to improve heart rate variability - your physical and mental ability to adapt and bounce back from stress

Real Change In The Moment

Life can be noisy and distracting, and sometimes we get caught up in the mix.

Apollo offers physical and mental mindfulness benefits without the yoga class, so you can relax and focus when you need to most.

Use It Anywhere

Apollo is as mobile as you are. Apollo can be used on the go, while you work, while you commute, or when you're at home.

Apollo's customized layered subsonic vibrations safely work with your body to help bring your body and mind into sync.

Are you ready for a challenge? 

Apollo balances your mind and body to help you adapt to change and be resilient to stress.

Apollo is a wellness product not intended to treat psychiatric disorders such as, but not limited to, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. Apollo is not a substitute for professional medical care.

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