[Webinar] Apollo Labs 101: A Chat with our Founders & CTO

[Webinar] Apollo Labs 101: A Chat with our Founders & CTO

[Webinar] Apollo Labs 101: A Chat with our Founders & CTO 

Join us for a free webinar to introduce Apollo Labs and learn more about what we are building with Apollo Labs and how to become a member. Meet Apollo Neuro co-founders, Kathryn Fantauzzi and Dr. Dave Rabin, and CTO, Alan Cannistraro as they discuss why we have built the very first responsive wearable that goes beyond sleep and stress tracking to learn about you, detect what you need, and respond to you to improve your physical and mental health. They will also walk you through Stay Asleep, which detects when you have woken up in the night and will help keep you sleeping! 


  • Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder
  • Alan Cannistraro, CTO

About the speakers

Kathryn Fantauzzi is on a mission to change lives. Kathryn is a CEO, inventor, speaker, and a thought leader at the convergence of health, technology, and data. Kathryn has led world-class teams and multi-million dollar projects to deliver breakthrough tech commercialization for the Energy Research and Development Authority in New York. She is now CEO, co-founder, & co-inventor of Apollo Neuroscience. In just a few years, Kathryn transformed Apollo Neuro from an idea in a university lab into a powerful tool that has already helped tens of thousands of people.

Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, a board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist, is the co-founder & chief innovation officer at Apollo Neuro, the first scientifically-validated wearable system to improve heart rate variability, focus, relaxation, and sleep by delivering gentle layered vibrations to the skin. In addition to his clinical psychiatry practice, Dr. Rabin is also the co-founder & executive director of The Board of Medicine, and a psychedelic clinical researcher currently evaluating the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in treatment-resistant mental illnesses.

Alan Cannistraro is Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Neuro with decades of experience in building technology that can shape mood to give people more control over their moods and feelings. During Cannistraro’s twelve year tenure at Apple, beginning in 2000, he created an impressive roster of software applications while working directly with Steve Jobs. Through experience developing products at Apple and Facebook, Cannistraro became an expert in creating media apps that allow you to curate your environment.