How the Apollo Neuro team uses Scheduling

Man putting Apollo on wrist in at night

Scheduling is here! With the new Scheduling feature, you’ll be able to create a customized schedule that automatically plays throughout your day, so you can get into healthy routines using the Apollo wearable with less thought and effort. See how the Apollo Neuro team is using Scheduling to meet their health goals. 

Dr. Dave’s sleep schedule

Sleep Vibe is the most popular Apollo Vibe for good reason. Dr. Dave, Apollo Neuro co-founder and co-inventor, is our in-house sleep wizard. This is the routine he recommends:

Monday - Friday

  • 6:15pm, 30 minutes, Recover 25% 
  • 9:15pm, 60 minutes, Unwind 40%
  • 10:15pm, 60 minutes, Sleep 50%
    • If you wake up in the middle of the night, or before you planned, press the two buttons on the side of the wearable at the same time to restart sleep mode. 
  • 6:45am, 5 minutes, Energy at 40%
  • 8:15am, 30 minutes Focus at 35%

Using the Apollo wearable during the day also supports healthy sleep. Even if you aren’t a meditator, take a 5-15 minute break with Calm Vibe at 35% to give your mind a break. If you work out, use Recover at 35% for 5-30 minutes right after. 

Kingsley’s wake up schedule

Kingsley, based in Pittsburgh, is our Finance and Operations Manager at Apollo Neuro. Kingsley was one of the first employees at Apollo Neuro and is always experimenting with different ways to use the wearable. We’re excited to share how he’s been using Apollo Scheduling for his wakeup routine to replace an alarm clock altogether. 

Monday - Friday

  • 7:00am, 15 minutes, Energy at 50%
  • 15 min break
  • 7:30am, 60 minutes, Focus at 25% 

Robyn's school schedule for her kids

Robyn, Director of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, uses Scheduling to help support her children through their school day. While her children were doing school from home, they began asking Robyn to try her Apollo wearable. They noticed that it really helped them reduce distractions and curb stress and anxiety about keeping up with schoolwork. Now that they’re back at school, Robyn uses Scheduling to build a schedule based on their classes and send them off to school without needing a phone. Robyn recommends talking to your kids about what classes they find stressful, boring, or anxiety-inducing. Here’s how Robyn and her kids use Scheduling:

  • For classes they feel nervous or anxious about: schedule Unwind for 60 minutes at 20% intensity, starting 15 minutes before the class
  • In a class that they find hard to concentrate in, use Social around 25% intensity for 30-60 minutes
  • For classes they find boring, schedule Focus at 20% intensity for 30-60 minutes
  • Her daughter schedules Unwind at 30% for 30 minutes to help trigger time to unwind for her. She has sleep issues and starts school at 7:30am, so a full night’s rest is crucial.

Scheduling for meetings with Raena

Raena is our social media expert on the Marketing team. Adapting to working from home posed a challenge transitioning through her day. With a highly creative job that requires heads down editing, mandatory time on social media, and Zoom meetings, she needed to adopt new habits to help transition through it all. 

  • For weekly one-on-one calls, she schedules Focus to start 10 minutes before the call to help get prepared for the call. 
  • For standing team calls that tend to be more collaborative, Raena schedules Social to start 10 minutes before the weekly call.

Everyone is different, so experiment all you like. And don’t worry if you don’t feel changed overnight. Maximum benefits require consistent use, so use the Apollo wearable 3+ hours a day, 5 days a week, throughout the day and night.