Apollo Neuro Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Snow covered tall pine trees with a light blue sky in the background.

Forget the cookie boxes or a sweater they'll never wear. This year, we're gifting some wellness goodies that set our loved ones up for a more restful and less stressful new year. Make a list and check it twice, and maybe treat yourself to a gift or two. These are some of the Apollo Neuro™ team's tried and true favorites.

Stocking Stuffers

Copper tongue scraper on a round piece of live wood with greenery in the background

Wellnesse Copper Tongue Scraper ($10)

After a good night's sleep, tongue scraping is a must. This practice, which originated as an Ayurvedic ritual thousands of years ago in India, is said to clear toxins, bacteria, and dead cells from the tongue to prevent bad breath.

Apollo Clip

Apollo Clip ($20)

So you've enjoyed wearing your Apollo™ wearable on your wrist or ankle, but have you tried clipping it to your clothing? The Apollo Clip allows you to wear your device more discreetly on your shirt collar, waistband, or anywhere close to a bone.

Artis Botanicals CBDA Tincture

Artis Botanicals CBDa Tincture ($60)

Not all CBD is created equal, and it's important to trust what you're putting in and on your body. Apollo co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dave is a fan of this CBDa tincture that he takes before presentations to relieve anxiety in tandem to setting his Apollo wearable to Social and Open.

LMNT Chocolate Electrolyte

LMNT Chocolate Salt ($45)

Create a zero-sugar hot cocoa this season! LMNT is our go-to for healthy hydration. Their electrolytes contain sodium, potassium, and magnesium that your body needs to thrive, and are paleo and keto friendly as well as gluten-free.

Serious About Sleep

Boncharge sleep mask

Classic Blackout Sleep Mask ($50)

According to the Sleep Foundation, light is the most important external factor affecting readiness for sleep (source). To ensure you get the best night's sleep possible, set your Apollo wearable to Sleep and Renew and put on this eye mask to block out any light leaking into your bedroom.

The Power of When by Michael Breus PhD

The Power of When by Michael Breus, PhD ($17)

Most sleep advice focuses on what to do and ignores the when. But exciting new research proves there is a right time to do just about everything based on our biology and hormones, including sleep. As Dr. Michael Breus, Apollo Neuro Scientific Advisory Board member, proves in this book, it's best to work with your body's inner clock, not against it. The Power Of When presents a groundbreaking program for getting back in sync with your natural rhythm by making minor changes to your daily routine.

Bearaby velvet napper blanket

Bearaby Velvet Napper ($269)

A weighted blanket is like a security blanket for adults and older children, offering a hugging sensation that many sleepers find soothing, much like the Apollo™ wearable offers silent, soothing vibrations that are like a hug for your nervous system. After much trial and error, we've found this to be one of the coziest out there. Use in unison with your Apollo wearable and you'll be off to dreamland in no time.

Healthiest Year Yet


PYM Mental Hygiene Kit ($125)

We're picky when it comes to gummies and supplements. Like the Apollo wearable, PYM products were created by neuroscientists and physicians. Our friends at PYM created this collection of the most essential nutrients your brain needs to balance your mood, including B-vitamins, magnesium, and omegas.

HigherDose Infrared mat

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat ($1095)

Set your Apollo wearable to Rebuild and Recover and lay on HigherDOSE's mat to take your relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind to new heights. PEMF grounds you in earth's magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared's deeply penetrating heat doubles your dose.

The Book of Boundaries by Melissa Urban

The Book of Boundaries by Melissa Urban ($22)

Melissa Urban, Whole30 co-founder and CEO, has long been a fan of the Apollo wearable. Her new book on setting boundaries to set you free should be required reading for every human.

Device playing Spotify

A Spotify Playlist ($9.99/month for a Spotify subscription)

Want to support your loved ones on their health journey? Make them a playlist to support their goals! Here are some ideas:

  • After Work Unwind playlist to help them destress → Pair with Relax and Unwind on the Apollo wearable
  • Sweet Dreams playlist to support them in better sleep → Pair with Sleep and Renew
  • Workout playlist to encourage them to keep moving → Pair with Energy and Wake Up

This gift is fun to put together, and doesn't cost a thing for you to make if you and your loved one already have a Spotify subscription!

Merry Everything!

From all of us at Apollo Neuro, we wish you a bright season and a healthy New Year ahead.