Introducing Good Morning Vibe

man holding an iphone with apollo neuro app up on the screen playing Good morning Vibe. he is wearing an Apollo wearable in Stealth on his left wrist.

How do you start your day?

We’ve all seen the ideal morning routine touted on social media. Meditate. Hydrate. Journal. Workout. And don’t look at your phone!

In reality, mornings can be chaotic. Whether you are busy getting kids ready for school, you start work early, or you face a less-than-ideal morning commute daily (or all three), some support first thing in the day would be nice. 

That’s why we created Good Morning Vibe, a new Apollo Vibe™ for the Apollo® wearable, available exclusively for Apollo Labs™ members. 

What is Good Morning Vibe? 

Good Morning Vibe transitions you from sleep to daytime with Vibes that help you feel more energized, focused, and awake.

Why are these frequencies of vibration important especially in the morning? Unfortunately, only 40% of Americans wake up feeling energized. In addition, mornings can sometimes feel more stressful than other times of the day as cortisol levels are often higher during the first hour after waking. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. 

The science behind Vibes 

The Apollo wearable delivers gentle silent sound waves of vibration that are demonstrated in the lab, the clinic, and in the real world to improve the balance of our nervous systems through our sense of touch.

Touch is a powerful sense. Evolutionarily, it is the most important, nearly instantaneous way that mammals communicate safety to one another and is likely hundreds of millions of years old. Different forms of touch (vibration, electricity, heat, cold, soothing massage, etc.) can change how we feel in ways that can be measured biologically. Extensive reports demonstrate that certain frequencies of vibration are found to be soothing and significantly increase parasympathetic tone, as measured by heart rate variability (HRV), while others can be more energizing, increasing our heart rate and other measures of sympathetic activity in our nervous system.

How to use Good Morning Vibe

Research shows that establishing a consistent morning routine can reduce stress, boost your energy levels, and improve productivity at work. We are aware, however, that our busy Apollo users don’t always have the luxury to carve out an hour or two for the perfect morning regimen in between being a parent or caretaker, managing work, and everything in between.

Set it and forget it by scheduling Good Morning Vibe to play automatically every morning to start your day off right. As an Apollo Labs member, Good Morning Vibe will appear as a Featured Vibe on your app home screen among your menu of Vibes. Just set the intensity and flow into your day.

To have Good Morning Vibe play automatically, fill out Your Daily Vibes quiz with questions about how you sleep, how you feel when you wake up, and other questions about your lifestyle. You’ll then get a custom schedule of Apollo Vibes that plays throughout your day and night to maximize your energy levels, sleep, and overall well-being. As an Apollo Labs user, Good Morning Vibe will appear in your custom-made schedule. Feel free to make adjustments to your schedule based on your unique schedule, like days with early appointments, workout classes, or weekend activities.

No matter what your morning routine (or lack thereof) looks like, Good Morning Vibe will help you drop deeper into a grounded, centered state. If you like to workout in the morning, this can give you an energy boost before the gym. If you start work soon after waking, it will help you drop deeper into flow.

We asked, you answered: How does Apollo help you in the morning?

Well before releasing Good Morning Vibe, the Apollo wearable has been a useful tool in the hours early in the day for many of our over 100,000 users. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

“I use Apollo in the morning to wake up both my brain and body.” -Lauren K  

“I've been using it first thing in the morning, and it's helped me wake up faster and feel more ready to take on the day. It's also helped my focus at work— I feel much more productive than I used to be. Overall, I've been really pleasantly surprised not only at how well the device works, but how well it continues to work. I absolutely love my Apollo Neuro.” -Amanda L.

“I use it in the morning to help me gain energy before going into the hospital without needing caffeine, to assist me in focusing better and reading flow states during long orthopedic surgeries, to aid in my recovery after strenuous workouts, and to improve my relaxation before bed and help me stay asleep during the night.” -Alex G. 

How to unlock this vibe

Good Morning Vibe is available exclusively to Apollo Labs members. Apollo Labs, launched in March 2023, is our innovation ground for new neuroscience and AI applications in mental health, focusing initially on responsive experiences for sleep, stress-relief, and focus. Apollo Labs members are part of building a future where technology doesn’t tell you that you aren’t sleeping well or that you are feeling stressed — but actually helps to restore your sleep, calm your body, and clear your mind. If you’re already an Apollo Labs member, you’ll find Good Morning Vibe on your home screen of the app as a Featured Vibe. 

If you haven’t already upgraded to Apollo Labs and want to try this Vibe, join the waitlist for Apollo Labs here. We started Apollo Labs with a small group of dedicated Apollo users and are continuously inviting new members, so keep an eye on your email inbox for your exclusive invite!