Control your Apollo phone-free, introducing Apple Watch Controls

Control your Apollo phone-free, introducing Apple Watch Controls

Discover a new, convenient way to control your Apollo wearable from your wrist with Apple Watch Controls. Wear your Apollo on your ankle, wrist, or as a clip attached to your clothing and use Apple Watch Controls to turn your Apple Watch into a remote control for your Apollo wearable.

Ditch your phone

Use your Apple Watch to play Apollo Vibes for an easy, phone-free way to control your Apollo wearable.

Tune your Vibe

Control intensity and duration and check battery life from your Apple Watch – without ever having to pick up your phone.

Here are our favorite times to go phone-free and use Apple Watch Controls:

🌄Rather than reach for your phone in the morning, use your watch to support a phone-free morning routine. Use your Apple Watch to set your Apollo to your favorite morning Vibe, like Energy, Focus, or Recover, 

🧘Ready to meditate? Find a quiet place (or a less-loud one) and set your Apollo to Calm Vibe as you drift off into your happy place. Leave your phone in the other room for less distractions and more zen.  

💻Focus, focus, focus. If your work is dependent on you being connected to one or more devices at all times, consider going phone-free at your desk and using your Apple Watch to control your Apollo. Set it to Focus, leave your phone in your bag, buckle down, and get your focus on.

🏋️Move like you mean it. Do you use your Apple Watch during your workouts? Whether you use your Apollo before, during, or after your workout, set your Apollo to your favorite Vibe to ramp up or recover from your Apple Watch in the gym.

🌃Keep your bedroom a phone-free zone when you fade into your nighttime routine with Apollo through your Apple Watch Controls. Flow from Unwind into Fall Asleep to log ultimate ZZZ’s. (This is great for nap time, too!).

How to get Apollo on your Apple Watch

  1. Install the Apollo Neuro app from the App Store on your iPhone device (New users need to go through the Apollo Neuro app onboarding process on your iPhone before installing/using the Apple Watch app)
  2. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Available Apps”
  4. Tap on “Install” next to the Apollo
  5. Access the Apollo Neuro app on your Apple Watch