How to use the Apollo wearable to enhance your relationships

How to use the Apollo wearable to enhance your relationships

When you’re stressed and exhausted, it can be difficult to have patience for those around you (including you!), and it may feel challenging to connect. 

As a company, we care deeply about how you show up everyday. We believe that the human body is powerful, resilient, and has the capacity to heal. When we can tap into our ability to balance and calm the nervous system, we can take better control over our mental and physical health. 

When we’re not balanced, we can feel irritable and more reactive. You may know your reaction to the kids’ toys everywhere is a bit dramatic, but it can feel impossible to temper reactions when we’re operating from such an escalated point. The Apollo™ wearable can help regain control over our reactions by balancing the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The ANS controls the body's automatic functions, like digestion, breathing, reproduction, immunity as well as survival responses. The ANS works tirelessly to maintain balance, or homeostasis, in the face of changing conditions within our bodies and the environment. At every moment, the two central branches exert opposing functions on the body: the sympathetic branch searches for threat and keeps us alive, while the parasympathetic branch calms us down and keeps us recovered. Balance between these two branches keeps us healthy and happy.

When we have a balanced nervous system, our reproductive system activates, our pleasure centers are more accessible, and we feel open and better able to connect. 

How to use the Apollo wearable to connect

Using it intentionally

Align your Apollo Vibe with your desired goal. The Apollo wearable is particularly great for transitions throughout the day such as waking up, falling asleep, going from work to family time, and from stress to meditation. Just like it’s impossible to press the “off” button on stress of the day, and turn “on” sleep for the night, we can’t enter an intimate situation or be really present with a loved one without properly transitioning into a calmer state. 

For intimacy and connection

For deep relaxation or for building connection and intimacy with a loved one, try Relax and Unwind on the ankle starting at 40-50% for 15-30 minutes. 

How Sri uses the Apollo wearable to connect with her husband

Black and white photo of a bride (left) and groom (right).

We first spoke with Sri when she wrote to share her experience using the Apollo wearable as a tool in her relationship with her husband. She was excited to share her story and inspire others to connect with their loved ones after such a trying year. Whether you’re alone and craving connection, or spending a *lot* of time with the same people, Apollo is a powerful tool to bring the balance you need to your life. 

Sri lives in a suburb of Helsinki, Finland, with her husband, who is an osteopath. She began exploring how to combat chronic stress after seeing the effects firsthand. She was first introduced to Apollo by her mother, who heard Dr. Dave on Ari Whitten’s Energy Blueprint podcast. Apollo’s message resonated with the challenges she was facing, so she decided to try it for herself. Since getting Apollo, she’s “barely put it down” and got incredibly excited about “the effect it was having on her relationship with her husband.”

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