How this Apollo community member uses Apollo to connect with her partner

How this Apollo community member uses Apollo to connect with her partner

The Apollo community is a diverse community who all share a common belief – that the human body is powerful and we have the capacity to heal. We’ll highlight some powerful stories from Apollo users and their causes through a series of member features. 

We first spoke with Sri when she wrote to share her experience using Apollo Neuro as a tool in her relationship with her husband. She was excited to share her story and inspire others to connect with their loved ones after such a trying year. Whether you’re alone and craving connection, or spending a *lot* of time with the same people, Apollo is a powerful tool to bring the balance you need to your life. 

Sri lives in a suburb of Helsinki, Finland, with her husband, who is an Osteopath. She began exploring how to combat chronic stress after seeing the effects firsthand. She was first introduced to Apollo by her mother, who heard Dr. Dave on Energy Blueprint. Apollo’s message resonated with the challenges she was facing, so she decided to try it for herself. Since getting Apollo, she’s “barely put it down” and got incredibly excited about “the effect it was having on her relationship with her husband.”

Q: What role does Apollo play in your relationship with your husband?

A: Sometimes we feel like we are on a different page – like we are not on the same wavelength. He might be hyper while I am low energy or vice versa. Or perhaps we don’t see eye to eye on a topic. I have learned some techniques for couples to synchronize with each other, like practicing a breathing technique to breathe in sync. When people sync up physiologically, they sync up mentally – this is seen in studies on interpersonal synchronization. Two brains will show similar activity. This naturally brings about empathy and harmony. 

So throughout the day, whenever I feel like we aren’t “in sync” or like our communication isn’t at its best, I will reach out and rest my Apollo on him to also benefit from it. I find that the combination of me reaching out to connect, the physical touch, and the parasympathetic response Apollo activates, that our language turns from “I” to “we” and we relate to each other better. I feel warmer toward him, and he feels warmer toward me. 

This practice has been great. My husband is pretty wired up and energetic, and when he isn’t working out, his main goal is to relax — so I end up using the Relax and Unwind option the most. I also think this is the most comforting for me. I feel like a huge source of conflict in relationships of all kinds (not just romantic) is because we lose touch with how to relate to others, i.e., get on each other’s level and listen – not to talk back – but to listen and let the other feel heard. Not only does it help to discuss stressful topics with the help of a device that supports your parasympathetic nervous system, but if my hypothesis is correct, and it does speed up the interpersonal synchronization, it would be revolutionary for conflict resolution. 

Q: How do you use Apollo outside of your relationship?

A: Apollo also has a drastic impact on my work relationships. I am a talent manager for social media influencers, and I have to have challenging conversations with big personalities often. I use Apollo to support me in this process, and my coworkers have noticed that my response is more compassionate and kinder than ever. For the last six years, I have spent nine months of the year on the road. I film for a TV network that airs in India, and I do volunteer work. My main goal is to stay steady and calm under high-pressure situations while filming because you can see in the quality of the film if I am relaxed or not.

I use all of the modes and have found the most benefit from diversifying mode usages. I love Focus for heads-down work, and then I use Social and Open when I’m engaging in more active and collaborative work. I use Relax and Unwind followed by Sleep and Renew in my wind-down routine to make sure I sleep well.

Q: How did Apollo pique your interest?

A: I listened to Energy Blueprint with Dr. Rabin that my mother shared, and it spiked my interest since I am already enthused about the cross-section of wellness technology and neuroscience. I vlog about activities that help us become more in touch with ourselves – less entangled by mental pressure and chronic pain. I share about grounding (which has been huge for me), the physiological sigh and other breathing practices, the use of light for the circadian rhythm, various adaptogenic herbs, gratitude practices, finding flow state, meditation, yoga, micro-dosing, osteopathic techniques, the list goes on. Right away, when I started using Apollo, my HRV went up, and I overall felt a lot less stressed.

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