We’re making Apollo easier to use

Apple Watch with Apollo Neuro app screen, Apple iPhone with Apollo Neuro Your Daily Vibes pulled up, and Apollo wearable - all in a row

We are thrilled to announce new features to bring Apollo users the most personalized experience yet. As Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Neuro, I consider it my responsibility to listen to our customers and ensure we develop a product that reflects what our customers want. People want more personalization: they want recommendations on the best ways to use Apollo based on their day — how they sleep, how they work, how they play, and what makes them feel like the best version of themselves. Not only that, but they want more ways to control Apollo, without having to always pull out their phone. I’m proud to announce two new features we are launching today.

First, our team developed an Apple Watch App to make the Apollo wearable and Apple Watch work together seamlessly. We heard loud and clear from our customers that you want to remove your phone as a disruption from your sleep, focus, and ability to be present, and we want to give you more ways control your Apollo wearable. We also know that a large majority of you have an Apple Watch and use it to track your sleep and other metrics. You can now control your Apollo from your Apple Watch — choose a Vibe or control the intensity or duration. You can even check the your battery life and access your favorite Vibes from your watch. 

Second, we are excited to unveil our latest personalization feature, called Your Daily Vibes, so that you can truly get the most out of the Apollo with minimal effort. To unlock Your Daily Vibes, fill out Your Daily Vibes Quiz with questions about how you sleep, how you feel when you wake up, and other questions about your lifestyle. You’ll then get a custom schedule of Apollo Vibes that play throughout your day and night to maximize your energy levels, sleep, and overall well-being. By understanding your goals, your sleep habits, and your energy levels throughout the day, we can build a personalized schedule for you that helps you feel your best so you can take on the ebbs and flows of the day. Your Daily Vibes takes the decision making and thinking out of setting up a schedule, letting you entrust your daily rhythm to Apollo.

It’s our mission to continue to innovate to create the best user experience possible. Apollo transforms how you feel through your sense of touch, and we’re working hard to understand and support you, so you can best use Apollo – to truly feel good vibes.