ūüďį Press Release: Apollo Neuro Expands User Base Internationally With UK Launch

ūüďį Press Release: Apollo Neuro Expands User Base Internationally With UK Launch

The Apollo wearable is now available through UK-based health 
and wellness retailer,

PITTSBURGH,¬†June 16, 2023¬†/PRNewswire/ --¬†Apollo Neuroscience¬ģ, a health and wellness tech company that is pioneering a new category of wearables, announces its international expansion with UK retailer,¬†Healf. The Apollo‚ĄĘ wearable is designed to improve users' stress, sleep, focus, and overall well-being through soothing vibrations. Using the body's natural response to soothing touch, it can help rebalance the nervous system - giving people the same benefits as meditation. Launched in¬†January 2020, the¬†Apollo¬†wearable has more than 100,000 users ‚ÄĒ ranging from athletes and high-achieving executives to anyone looking to improve their energy, stress levels, and sleep.

"Healf, which focuses on high-quality health brands and has a panel of leading experts to endorse each product, is the perfect partner for our first international launch," says Kathryn Fantauzzi, Co-Founder and CEO of Apollo Neuro. "We look forward to growing our loyal user base by making the Apollo wearable more accessible for people living in the UK."

"Our customers have been asking us to carry the Apollo wearable so we are extremely excited to add the device to our collection of premium health and wellness brands," says Max Clarke, Co-Founder of Healf.

Created by a team of experienced neuroscientists and physicians at The University of Pittsburgh, the Apollo has eight programs, called Apollo Vibes, that can be selected from the app. Each program, or "Vibe", is designed to help a user achieve their desired state - whether it's focus, recovery, social, calm, or sleep. Like music the body can feel, the Apollo wearable uses higher vibrations to help the user feel energized and lower vibrations designed to reduce stress and help unwind into a more restful sleep. When people feel the Apollo Vibes, the touch receptors in their skin can signal safety to the body, like a gentle caress from a loved one or the feeling of calm from snuggling with a pet. Over time, this can help shift a person from a constant fight-or- flight state to rest-and-digest mode.

"We are dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress and inadequate sleep here in the US and across the globe," says Dr. Dave Rabin, MD., PhD., Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Apollo Neuroscience. "Our mission is to expand our global impact on mental health and well-being. Making the Apollo wearable more accessible to people in the UK marks the beginning of our international expansion and our ongoing awareness campaign. The human body is powerful, resilient, and has the capacity to heal by balancing and restoring the nervous system. The Apollo is a powerful tool that can help unlock that natural ability, anytime, anywhere."

In addition to Dr. Rabin and Fantauzzi, the Apollo Neuro team also includes Alan Cannistraro, CTO, who led Facebook's mobile first initiative and spent more than a decade at Apple designing and building several of the first apps on the iPhone.

Apollo Neuro will officially be available for purchase via on June 16, 2023.

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Apollo Neuroscience¬†is a health and wellness tech company pioneering a new category of wearables created to improve mental health and overall well-being. The¬†Apollo¬†wearable uses low-frequency sound waves, felt as soothing vibrations, and can be worn as a band around the wrist, ankle or as a clip attached to clothing. Created by a team of neuroscientists and physicians at The¬†University of Pittsburgh, these vibrations are designed to signal safety to the brain and help strengthen the nervous system to improve sleep, focus and energy, and reduce stress. Strengthening and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system can improve heart rate variability (HRV) ‚Äď the key to building resilience to stress. The¬†Apollo¬†is designed to train the body over time to recover from stress more quickly, so a user can relax, sleep better, and find deep, meaningful focus ‚Äď anytime and anywhere.


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