The Apollo Neuro Team: Meet Matthew

The Apollo Neuro Team: Meet Matthew

This month for Father’s Day we’re featuring one of the many parents on our Apollo Neuro team who balances work and family life while still prioritizing his health. Matthew, who joined Apollo Neuro September 2022, oversees all creative for Apollo Neuro and helps our brand story come to life and be the most impactful it can be. Learn how Matthew has used his Apollo™ wearable to recover from injury, to bounce back from workouts, and to stay present as a leader on our team and as a husband and parent. 

How did you first discover Apollo? 

I learned about Apollo in 2019 from a good friend who was one of the beta testers of the first generation of the Apollo wearable. He let me try it on and as soon as I did I could feel the effect that the wearable had on my body. When Apollo offered a pre-sale before going on sale to the public, I jumped at the chance to purchase one.

Like most of our Apollo team, living a healthy lifestyle is important to you. Can you share a bit about your own personal health journey? 

I have always been active and have enjoyed learning about ways to improve my performance in running, cycling, and mindfulness. In addition to my personal health and wellness journey, I also had to overcome a severe personal injury that occurred in Golden Gate Park when I was hit from behind by a Chevy Bronco while running years ago. Using the Apollo paired with Somatic therapy has been incredibly helpful in mitigating and managing the physical and emotional stress associated with the accident.  

What current practices do you incorporate into your daily life to keep yourself feeling well?  

Exercise is one of the most foundational practices that I incorporate into my daily practice. I run at least 3 days a week, do strength training twice a week, and try to get a mountain bike ride in as well. I’ve found that using Apollo on the Recover Vibe post-workout has improved my performance. In addition to exercise I focus on getting quality sleep by limiting media, reading a good book before bed (I’m currently reading The Wave Watchers Companion by Gavin Pretor-Pinney), and using the Stay Asleep Vibe, as part of Apollo Labs, to keep me sleeping through the night is a sleep routine that is working well for me. 

What is your favorite aspect of your role at Apollo Neuro? 

Getting to collaborate with a diverse group of talented people all focused on Apollo’s mission to improve people's mental health. 

How do you balance being a father with your career? 

Both my wife, Kai, and I have full-time careers, and finding time to be present with each other and our two kids, Zev (12) and Viviana (10) is always a priority for us. Balance often comes from a combination of covering for each other to have time for ourselves so that we have the energy to be present and connect with the kids.  

What is your favorite Apollo Vibe and why? 

Currently, my favorite Vibe is Recover. I use it daily in the afternoon after a full day of Zoom calls and deadlines. It is also extremely helpful post-workout in reducing soreness and speeding up recovery for the next workout.