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Apollo Neuro Debuts First Responsive AI-Driven Wearable Technology for Sleep and Stress that Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

In a bold goal to give the world 100 million more minutes of sleep, Apollo Neuro™ introduces a groundbreaking 'Stay Asleep' responsive feature for the Apollo wearable

PITTSBURGH, March 16, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Apollo Neuroscience announces the launch of Apollo Labs™ - the first AI-driven wearable technology to respond to changes in your body, rather than just tracking them. Born from neuroscience research at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo Neuro, a mental health science and technology startup, spun out of the university, launched its breakthrough wearable technology to the market in January 2020. The Apollo™ wearable delivers low frequency sound waves, felt as barely perceptible, soothing vibrations, called Apollo Vibes™, that restore balance to the nervous system, improving cardiovascular metrics, sleep, and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Apollo Neuro has been named as the University of Pittsburgh's startup of the year and has nearly a decade of clinical and real-world research behind it, with more on the way.

Up until now, Apollo users would choose from seven different Apollo Vibes from a companion app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, to help them achieve a specific state and better control over how they feel, like falling asleep at night, honing their focus, or calming their nerves for relaxation. Now, with over 100,000 Apollo users in the market, Apollo Neuro is launching Apollo Labs as an annual membership available to Apollo customers to deliver AI solutions that respond to the user's needs, automatically. Their first focus? Sleep.

"We've all been there. You had a long day, your mind is racing and you can't fall asleep or you hit the pillow and zonk right out, only to wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep," says Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO & Co-Founder of Apollo Neuro. "At Apollo Neuro, we are developing wearable technology that delivers solutions to health problems like lack of sleep and increasing stress, not just analytics about them. Rather than tell you that you didn't sleep well, we want to respond to your needs to give you the sleep and energy you need to tackle your day."

According to data from the NIH and the Cleveland Clinic, 30% of Americans experience insomnia symptoms, 20% are taking prescription medication to sleep, and over 30% of Americans are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. "Coincidence? Doubtful," says Fantauzzi. "Sleep is the underpinning of mental health. When you are feeling stressed it's harder to get the sleep you need, and when you are sleeping poorly, it's harder to deal with stress. While having data about your sleep is useful, having a wearable that actually gives you more sleep is better. That's why we are so excited to introduce Stay Asleep™, the first responsive feature available for Apollo Labs members that automatically detects when you're waking up and responds by gently soothing you back to sleep."

Stay Asleep has long been in development and will be the first responsive feature available with an Apollo Labs membership. In 2020, when in-lab research was stopped in its tracks due to pandemic lockdowns, Apollo Neuro pioneered real world sleep research, inviting Apollo wearable users to share their biometric data from their Oura Ring to learn how their health would change as they experienced touch therapy through the Apollo wearable. Results from this observational study, which is currently in submission for peer-review, revealed that those who used the Apollo wearable daily got up to 30 minutes more sleep each night, and that more of their sleep was deep sleep and REM sleep.

"At Apollo Neuro, we partner with our customers to deliver personalized solutions to improve mental health and wellbeing," says Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, Co-Founder of Apollo Neuro. "Apollo Labs will be the innovation ground for new neuroscience and AI applications in mental health, focusing initially on responsive experiences for sleep, stress-relief, and focus. You can liken the technology we are building to the brain — we are gathering biometric data, learning and getting smarter with more data, and responding in real-time. We're creating a continuous loop between Apollo Labs members, our technology, and the Apollo wearable. In fact, the Apollo wearable can work alongside other health trackers, utilizing your data from your Apple Watch, HealthKit, and Oura Ring, making your Apollo experience that much more personalized for you."

In addition to Fantauzzi, who previously led multi-million dollar projects to deliver breakthrough tech commercialization for the Energy Research and Development Authority in New York, and Dr. Rabin, who is a neuroscientist and board-certified psychiatrist, the Apollo Neuro team also includes Alan Cannistraro, CTO, who spent more than a decade at Apple designing and building several of the first apps on the iPhone, and Sam Roberts, SVP Product Design, who shares an Apple pedigree leading the design of photography products and AppleTV, as well as designing the in-vehicle user experience of Rivian's R1T, R1S and commercial vehicles.

"While our team is focused initially on sleep, we aren't stopping there," says Dr. Rabin. "Our healthcare system has failed to deliver on the decades-old promise of personalized medicine. For the first time in human history, modern technology has advanced to the point where we can leverage AI in something as small as a wearable to help us address something as fundamental as lack of sleep. Apollo Labs represents one of the first technologies that works for us by reminding us that we are in control of how we feel at any moment, even when we're sleeping — one of the core teachings of mindfulness and meditation."

Access to Apollo Labs and Stay Asleep require an Apollo wearable, currently available for $50 off in celebration of World Sleep Day (16/03/23 - 19/03/23). In addition to unlocking Stay Asleep, Apollo Labs members will also get to participate in cutting-edge neuroscience research, monthly live Q&As with key thought leaders in medicine and health and wellness, gain exclusive access to the Apollo Labs Community, and more. Those who would like to be among the first to join Apollo Labs and are eager to experience how the latest advances in health AI can help us get more sleep and better health are invited to join the Apollo Labs waitlist at or in the Apollo Neuro app.

Visit Apollo Labs for more information and follow Apollo Neuro on Instagram for continued updates on Apollo Labs. Please join us for a live webinar and demo on March 22 with the co-founders and CTO to learn more about Apollo Labs and Stay Asleep. Register and learn more.

About Apollo Neuro™

Apollo Neuroscience is pioneering a new category of wearable technology that actively improves health, using touch therapy to promote stress resilience, sleep, focus, recovery, and more. Worn on the wrist, ankle, or attached to your clothing as a clip, Apollo Neuro's scientifically validated technology delivers gentle vibrations to the body that restore balance to the nervous system. By harnessing our natural response to soothing touch, the Apollo wearable is a simple, fun, and discrete tool that delivers the benefits of mindfulness, without effort on the part of the user. The result? Less stress, more sleep. Less fatigue, more focus. The Apollo wearable is safe and non-invasive for adults and children alike. For more information, visit

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