Meet SmartVibes

Feel like the best version of you,
every day

Vibes made just for you

SmartVibes is our new annual membership that learns about your health – how you feel and what your body needs – and personalizes Apollo Vibes that play throughout the day to tune your nervous system and help you feel your best, balanced self. 

SmartVibes made just for a resilient, balanced, powerful you

Listens to your body 

SmartVibes learns how you are feeling and what your body needs more of, whether sleep, stress-relief, recovery, or relaxation, from Apollo’s sleep metrics, OURA Ring’s health data, and a daily mood and feeling log.

Responds to you 

SmartVibes personalizes Vibes each day, unique to you, to help you feel more balanced, activating your vagus nerve and optimizing the functions of your body.  

Adapts as you do 

We don’t sleep or feel the same every day, every week — SmartVibes change as you change.

Stealth Apollo with Apollo app and SmartVibes
Say goodbye to sleepless nights

SmartVibes for sleep learns from your sleep patterns to personalize Vibes to help you unwind before bed and lull you to sleep faster when your head hits the pillow. 

SmartVibes senses when you start to stir in the night and responds with soothing vibrations to help keep you sleeping through the night. Apollo is the first technology that can detect and prevent unwanted wakeups before they happen, and the results are astounding. Over the last six months, over 2,500 customers have been using SmartVibes for sleep, experiencing up to 60 minutes more sleep each night.

The result? You feel powerfully calm and balanced and can bounce back faster when stress comes calling.

“One of the hardest to solve sleep challenges is staying asleep throughout the night - and SmartVibes on the Apollo is a BREAKTHROUGH solution. With SmartVibes for sleep, the Apollo recognizes when you're going to wake up and automatically plays soothing vibrations that calm and balance the nervous system to lull you back to sleep - before you even wake up. I didn't believe it worked until I tried it on myself. I was very surprised.”

Headshot of Michael Breus, PhD

Dr. Michael Breus, PhD

The Sleep Doctor™; Double board-certified Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Sleep Specialist

Oura talks. Apollo responds.

Have an Oura Ring? SmartVibes gets even smarter if you have an Apollo wearable and an Oura Ring. Integrate your Oura health data with your Apollo, allowing SmartVibes to learn from your daily Readiness Score to change each day as your body does.

Become a SmartVibes member

Experience a more personalized Apollo. For a limited time, you can get an annual SmartVibes membership for $99.99 USD (iOS) and $79.99 USD (Android).

Open your Apollo app, go to the SmartVibes tab, and select “Get SmartVibes”.