Why does Apollo Labs have a waitlist and membership?

Apollo Labs

We’re on a mission to help a lot of people feel a lot better. 

How are we doing it? By being the first company to build a responsive wearable that goes beyond sleep and stress tracking to learn about you, detect what you need, and respond to you to improve your physical and mental health. There are enough wearables out there telling you that you aren’t getting enough sleep or that you are stressed – Apollo Labs™ is a membership for people who want more from their wearables.

Let’s start with sleep. 100 million more minutes of it. 

The first component of mental health that we are tackling with Apollo Labs is the sleep crisis. Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. You don’t feel rested and refreshed when you wake up and it feels like you don’t have enough energy to get through the day. Longer term, poor sleep has a significant impact on our mental and physical health.

According to data from the NIH and the Cleveland Clinic, 30% of Americans experience insomnia symptoms, 20% are taking prescription medication to sleep, and over 30% of Americans are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. 

“Sleep is the underpinning of mental health. When you are feeling stressed it’s harder to get the sleep you need, and when you are sleeping poorly, it’s harder to deal with stress. While having data about your sleep is useful, having a wearable that actually gives you more sleep is better.”
-Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO and Co-Founder  

We have a new, bold goal at Apollo Neuro – to give the world 100 million more minutes of extra sleep by 2025. Apollo customers already use their Apollo wearable to help them unwind and fall asleep. Now, Apollo Labs members get access to Stay Asleep™, which detects unwanted wakeups and rocks you back to sleep at night with soothing Apollo sleepy vibes. Stay Asleep upgrades your Apollo wearable to work harder than ever before to help you sleep through the night and feel great the next day.

Why we’ve chosen a membership approach. 

Imagine a wearable that helps you get more sleep, instead of telling you that you didn’t. A wearable that helps you relax, instead of telling you that you’re stressed. 

Sleep is just the beginning. Apollo Labs will be the innovation ground for new neuroscience and AI applications in mental health, focusing initially on responsive experiences for sleep, stress-relief, and focus. Apollo Labs members will be part of building a future where technology doesn’t tell you that you aren’t sleeping well or that you are feeling stressed — but actually helps to restore your sleep, calm your body, and clear your mind. To tackle this beast of a public health challenge, we created a continuous loop between Apollo Labs members, our technology, and the Apollo wearable by teaming up with our customers to help us build and deliver truly personalized solutions. You can liken the technology we are building to the human brain — we are gathering data, learning, getting smarter with more data, and responding in real-time.

To all of our Apollo customers, rest assured the Apollo experience you know and love doesn’t change! You’ll still be able to use all the features you do today. A membership to Apollo Labs will only make your Apollo wearable smarter and more effective for sleep – it will learn about you, detect what you need, and respond to your needs. It’s akin to owning a Tesla – you can have the Autopilot experience and still have a wonderful Tesla experience, but you can also upgrade to a Full Self-Driving subscription that brings new intelligence to your car with access to more advanced responsive features.

As we get started, we are opening Apollo Labs to a limited group of select members to help us get our feedback loop off the ground and to give us time to learn and optimize the Stay Asleep experience before we throw open the doors to our lab for everyone.

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