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Apollo improves:

Naturally powerful. Scientifically validated.

Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, Apollo is a wearable wellness device that uses gentle vibrations to help the body respond to stress. Apollo’s scientifically proven technology improves heart rate variability (HRV), so you can feel more calm, balanced, and perform at your best.

Choose how you want to feel with the Apollo app

The Apollo mobile app features 
a variety of modes that help you put your best foot forward:

“Apollo is based on the sense of touch – how touch makes us feel safe, and how touch has always been the single, most important way for us to convey to each other that we are safe.”

– Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD, Co-Founder & Co-Inventor, Chief Innovation Officer

Stress relief, powered by you


When we’re stressed, our “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous response kicks in, making it hard to focus and sleep.


Apollo improves resilience to stress by sending gentle waves of vibration that activate our “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous response.


Apollo works within minutes, in the moment that you need it, giving you control over your stress so you can stay healthy and balanced.

How to put Apollo to work for you

Choose where you wear Apollo

Apollo can be worn on your wrist or your ankle. Many people find it to be most soothing on the ankle, especially during Sleep Mode.

Select a mode in the app

Pick from seven distinct modes designed to help you reach different goals by relaxing your body and clearing your mind.

Learn about Apollo modes

Feel it working

You’ll feel gentle waves of vibration, clinically proven to improve your resilience to stress.

What our customers are saying…

Amy Edgar, ARPN, CRNP, FNP-C

“One hundred percent of the kids we’ve used the Apollo device with report that they like the experience – there’s a likeability factor. We don’t often get things that are both powerful and helpful and don’t have a downside. Apollo was so easy because there really is no risk and only benefit. For us, Apollo will be the intervention of first choice.”

– Amy Edgar, APRN, CRNP, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner, Co-Founder of Children’s Integrated Center for Success
Joe Maroon, MD

“Within 2-4 minutes of putting it on, Apollo puts you in a balanced state, a homeostatic state. In the athletic side of the equation, it enhances recovery. The pilot study out of the university of Minnesota has demonstrated that very effectively in terms of enhancing athletic performance, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart rate. That’s very, very powerful. ”

– Clinical Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience Neurosurgeon, The Pittsburgh Steelers
Phil Libin

“Apollo is the first wellness technology that actually does something positive, rather than just measuring and advising. For me, it’s a productivity enhancer. It gives me pep and energy when I need it and it gives me this kind of focus and calm when I need that. And it feels good.”

– Phil Libin Co-founder and former CEO of Evernote, Co-founder and current CEO of All Turtles