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"Mental health is an everybody issue. Everyone has to overcome something. There have been dozens of these situations where I’ve been called by a vet or a family member of a vet, and being able to provide a resource like Apollo is game-changing.”


U.S. Army Veteran, founder of BeArded WARRIORs, a nonprofit organization of military volunteers

On improved sleep: "As I often have trouble getting back to sleep in the middle of the night after awakening, the ability to re-access the device for an extended period provides what I would categorize as an unparalleled capability.”

General T.S. Jones

Retired Marine Corps Major General and founder and Executive Director of Outdoor Odyssey

The Apollo wearable helps your body recover from stress, so you can relax, focus, sleep, and feel better.

Smiling man sitting outside with a Glacier Apollo on his wrist

A wearable hug, for your not-so-nervous system

The Apollo® wearable provides scientifically proven touch therapy that you can wear as a band around your ankle, wrist, or as a clip attached to your clothing. The Apollo device’s silent, soothing vibrations speak to your nervous system, telling you that you’re safe and in control. Developed by neuroscientists and physicians, it’s a safe, non-invasive stress relief tool for adults and children, without harmful side effects.

Actively improve your health

Rather than tracking your biometrics, the Apollo Neuro™ technology is proven to actively improve your health. As it strengthens and rebalances your autonomic nervous system, your heart rate variability (HRV) improves – which means you’re building your resilience to stress. So you spend less time in fight-or-flight mode and get more time to rest and digest. Over time, your body learns to recover from stress more quickly, so you can relax, sleep better, and find deep, meaningful focus – anytime and anywhere.

Consistency is key

Like a workout for your nervous system, consistency is key. The more you use it, the better it works. Schedule Apollo Neuro modes to play when you need them most, and seamlessly flow through your day and night.

Apollo & PTSD

In a clinical trial to understand the relationship between symptoms of PTSD and the Apollo wearable's soothing touch, 15 out of 16 participants described the two week experience with the Apollo wearable as “life-changing” with respect to sleep, focus, and mood.
Bar graph showing statistic on apollo helping with symptoms related to PTSD.

“I wouldn’t have been able to develop the Apollo Neuro technology without the Veteran community. Working with Veterans and their families for years as a psychiatrist taught me how important it is to feel safe and in control at any moment, especially when trying to fall asleep."

Headshot of Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD

Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD

Co-Founder & Co-Inventor, Chief Innovation Officer of Apollo Neuroscience

Apollo improves:
Heart rate variability

Stress resilience, backed by science

Originating from research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo Neuro’s stress-relieving technology has been tested across thousands of users in the clinic and in the real world through six complete clinical trials, with nine more currently underway.

The results

less stress and feelings of anxiety, on average
increase in HRV, on average
Up to
more focus and concentration
more time in deep sleep, on average

What our community is saying

A brown-haired woman holding hands with her son and daughter outside. She's wearing a Glacier Apollo on her wrist.

Take control of how you’d like to feel, today

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